7 best John Travolta movies

I will be honest, I didn’t care for Travolta really until Pulp Fiction. I’m not sure if he just needed some time away to redefine himself or he simply got better roles. Sure, he was okay in Welcome Back Kotter, but you have to admit, that was pretty one dimensional as a character can be. So let’s take a look at some of his other work.

Saturday Night Fever– A sappy dancing movie right? Not so fast! Travolta displays some of the swagger he would recapture in the mid 90s. Plus, he is a pretty damn good dancer. The movie boasts a pretty solid soundtrack for it’s day as well.

Grease– Kind of an extension of his Vinnie Barbarino character, with a little more tough guy added in. Great music, decent cast. Fun for the whole family!

Pulp Fiction– Possibly one of Quentin Tarantino’s best pictures. Most people didn’t like how it was told all out of order. Truth is, that’s how a lot of stuff is written. It’s hard to write an interesting story all the way through. Do what I did, watch it multiple times! This movie got Travolta back in mainstream and onto some really good roles.

Broken Arrow– Travolta plays opposite of Christian Slater, who finds out some bad men are up to no good. Travolta is a pilot who decided to steal two nuclear warheads and sell them to his rich associates. It all plays out in a high stakes game of chase in the Utah desert.

Get Shorty– Might be my favorite Travolta movie. Great cast, superb dialog. Fantastic acting. Travolta is a “shylock” for the mob, when his boss dies and he is made to work for the guy that takes his place. Travolta is not too crazy with this idea, so he goes to work for himself. He get’s into the “movie business” with some unsavory characters in this LA comedy noir.

Basic– Another great movie with Travolta in it. Simply fantastic ending. Travolta plays an ex Army Ranger who is now investigating his friend for the disappearance of a decorated and controversial training sergeant in Panama. This movie has one of the top 5 endings of all time. Definitely worth checking it out for that alone.

Face/Off– An interesting Jon Woo film. Lots of action. Some of it over the top, but that’s how we like it right? The most interesting aspect of this film for me was the fact that Travolta and Cage had to learn each others mannerisms to pull it off. Quite a nifty dynamic.

I could throw in 3 more films to round up my list but I don’t think that would be fair to me as a fan or you as a reader. So I am going to leave the list at 7. Besides, 7 is like on of my favorite numbers, man. Hope you enjoy one of these films this weekend!

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