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I have been watching The Walking Dead for only 2 seasons now. Season 5 has rocked pretty much from start to finish. The season premier was fantastic. Last episode was season finale worthy. The finale? Holy sh-t dude. We got a lot to talk about baby, but first–

*****Spoilers Ahead*****

Morgaaaaaaaaaaaan! F-ck yeah! That was so worth the wait. I cannot believe how it went down. He goes ninja turtle™ in the first five minutes and that only sets up what has to be the biggest–baddest move to date. I mean he practically walks on water. Now you guys (who have been reading me) see why I was calling for Morgan all season. Only, I just thought he would be a cool character to add. I didn’t know he was secretly Jedi knight like his father before him. I was on the edge of tears so many times tonight–mostly because of happiness. Things worked out well on several levels.

I didn’t see the Glenn/Nicholas showdown coming. I suppose I should have, but I didn’t. I heard some rumors about Glenn, and I am glad those didn’t come true. There was also the drama over Norman Reedus putting his house up for sale. I promise not to read that BS going forward.

The Sasha/Gabriel thing was an interesting dynamic. First we see Sahsa making an bed of the dead undead while Gabriel goes out for an unarmed walk. I thought he was going to sacrifice himself to the walker, then he kills it, then he kills another. I cheered him on. I thought, “way to nut up”. Until he lays down and starts crying. He’s on my short list of characters I want dead.

Morgan- It wasn’t until the second time I watched “Clear” that I became a Morgan fan. The actor and the character. I think everyone likes a good comeback story and his is one of the good ones. Like Rick said in season 3, “everyone gets to come back”. Morgan is back and ten times better than before.

I loved the Bob tribute. As Rick is getting ready to go to the “trial”, he remembers Bob telling him how things would play out. If you watched the season 5 marathon, you might have got that fresh in your memory (I did). It was really cool to throw in. No surprise to see that Greg Nicotero directed this episode. It was a simply fantastic and classy touch.

Deanna: I am both surprised and pleased at the way things got resolved with her. I don’t like the fact that it came at the loss of her husband, Reg, who seemed more level headed, but that’s how lessons are learned in the zombie apocalypse. No mulligans. I like the fact that she finally realizes sometimes you need to kill people to save the majority.

The Wolves: We got introduced to the Wolves tonight. Not having read the comic, I only heard about them in passing. There was much speculation as to whether the “W” on the walker heads were for them or an “inverted M” for Morgan. I think we can safely say it was the Wolves. Morgan squared off against their leader, who possibly is a former member of Alexandria. Either way, they had the pictures Aaron and Daryle were going to use to recruit and will no doubt be coming for them in season 6.

Carol is a force to be reckoned with. We had her becoming zombie apocalypse “Rambo” with the season opener, then she dialed it down and played Martha Stewart while sleuthing around in Alexandria. She then held the hulking spouse abuser, Pete under her knife while she told him she could kill him and no one would think twice. The Pete threat is disabled, but keep an eye on Carol.

Questions: Well, some of the biggest questions were answered, which totally rocks. I am a little surprised Alexandria is still standing and our band of heroes are still in it. Morgan appeared at the gates as Rick took care of Pete–on Deanna’s orders. Which was kind of chilling on a couple fronts. How will this play out? Will Rick be handed over total control? I could see Deanna stepping down or at least stepping back.

Sasha was trying to confess to the good father Gabriel that she wanted to die and he basically told her, “yep, you should die”. Maggie was there to take her rifle away and actually offer the father some comfort as he was breaking down again. Will they help him or exile him? He is clearly not of sane mind.

We got a nice glimpse at the Wolves, from Morgan’s dealing with them to the trap that Daryl and Aaron walked into, and finally the clever way they lured the walkers back into the trailers with bad music. Clearly they are a force to be reckoned with. I’m sure they will be one of the main threats in season 6.

What will happen to Nicholas? It looked like Glenn was bringing him back to Alexandria, even after he tried to kill Glenn. I like the fact that Glenn held on to his beliefs and didn’t kill him. I am wondering if he gets exiled and ends up leading the Wolves back to the sanctuary.

Rick and Michonne: They had a really great moment together when Rick came clean about the guns. Michonne tells Rick she knocked him out, “for him” and that she is with him no matter what. They need to be a thing. It’s like cosmic love. I’m not getting all sappy or whatever, they just seem to fit. Michonnne and Carl get along well. He needs a strong female figure for a mom. I’m not sure it will ever happen, but it should.

Zombie kill of the week: So many good candidates. Lots of zombies being taken down. Morgan’s head shot with his bo-staff was impressive. He is quite impressive with it. I give it to Daryl with his whip chain, taking out 3 walkers.

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. Rhamona says:

    Regarding Michonne vs. Jessie for Rick: I think Rick needs people to take care of, to be in that protector role, stemming way back from his decision to join the force before the apocalypse. Jessie fits that bill a whole lot more than Michonne. Rick definitely wants Michonne at his back when trouble goes down, but he doesn’t have to rescue her, she can take care of her own damn self just fine, thanks. I think Michonne is just as happy to be Rick’s right-hand samurai. The question now though… Jessie’s just seen Rick blow the brains out of the father of her children, right in front of her, without hesitation. How is that going to affect how she sees Rick? Is she even going to want to start anything up with him after that?
    I like how Maggie stepped in to become the center of balance for both Sasha and Gabriel. Like with Jessie though, will she stay that balanced when she finds out about a murder attempt on her husband? I’m really glad Glenn didn’t die, because I totally saw her joining Sasha on the train to cuckoo-town if he had. And Glenn! Loving how he kept his humanity. So many of the others would have put a bullet in Nicholas’ brain without a second thought. Just confirms to me how Glenn and Maggie are an awesome couple. I haven’t read the comics or anything (and nobody tell me anything) but I hope that they get to have a baby before one or the other of them gets killed. I also hope Nicholas realizes and remembers that Glenn spared his life. Because if he ever comes across the Wolves’ path, he’s so going to find himself in a truck with the red poncho guy.
    And yeah, Morgan… hee! 😉

    • oxxo910 says:

      Good point on Jessie and Rick. I would be surprised if she wanted much to do with Rick. I also think our heroes will be under siege sooner rather than later. Either by walkers or human enemies or both. I’m hoping Morgan can be somewhat of a calming influence on the group. He could probably help train the softer members of Alexandria to take care of themselves. Thanks for the comment!

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