Hearthstone 101: The warlock

The Warlock is a unique kind of class. It is in Warcraft and also Hearthstone. I kind of shied away from it early on due to it’s hero power: Draw a card and take 2 damage. A year into the game, there are lots of cards to mitigate that destruction and even capitalize on it. We’re not using those though, to make our basic warlock deck.

Basic Warlock (warlock only)

9 Basic warlock cards

Warlock cards: 2 each of the following except where otherwise noted.

1 mana- Mortal Coil: A spell that does 1 damage (can be powered up) to a minion; if the minions dies, draw a card.

Voidwalker: A 1/3 minion with Taunt, that is also a Demon. Demons have some decent synergy but you don’t have many in the basic cards.

3 mana- Drain Life: A spell that deals 2 damage to a character and heals your hero for 2. Can be boosted with a card that adds + to spell damage. Since this grants life, try and save it for after you have taken some damage. Sometimes, it’s worth using on certain minions, even if you will not get the health benefit.

Shadow Bolt: Deal 4 damage to a minion. As a spell, this can also be boosted.

4 mana- Hellfire: This is an interesting spell as it damages all characters, friendly and enemy. It can also be boosted with spell damage. Good chance though, it will fry the minion boosting it up though. I only included one of these for this deck. There will be lots of low cost minions that will be torched. I would use this early, if your opponent is playing the same game or late a finisher if you need those final few points.

Basic Warlock

Basic warlock + neutral minions.

Neutral Minions: 2 of each unless otherwise noted

2 mana- Acidic Swamp Ooze: A nice minion for 2 mana at 3/2. This has a Battlecry: Destroy your enemy weapon. Play this early on, if your opponent does not have weapons available to them.

Bloodfen Raptor: A 3/2 minion. Nothing fancy.

Bluegill Warrior: This little guy is a 2/1 minion with Charge. Don’t expect him to be on the board long!

Kobold Geomancer: A 2/2 minion that grants +1 to spell damage. Best play is to drop this and use a spell that will benefit.

3 mana- Ironforge Rifleman: This minion is 2/2 with a Battlecry: Deal 1 damage.

Ironfur Grizzly: A 3/3 minion with Taunt.

Raid Leader: This 2/2 minion gives all your other minions +1 attack. Partner him up with a minion with charge or when you have a couple minions on your board.

Shattered Sun Cleric: A 3/2 minion with a Battlecry: Give another minion +1/+1. Good for boosting those weaker minions with charge.

Wolfrider: A 3/1 minion with Charge.

5 mana- Frostwolf Warlord: If you get to a place where you have 3-4 minions on the board, this guy will shine. A 4/4 mionion with a Battlecry: Gain +1/+1 for every friendly minion on the board.

Nightblade: A 4/4 minion with a Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero.

6 mana- Reckless Rocketeer: A great finisher as this minion is 5/2 with Charge.

As this deck goes, you will want to deal your damage as fast as you can before you opponent can sweep the board with cards like Consecration or Holy Nova.

Taunt: This minion must be attacked first by a player or minion using a physical attack. Spells and some hero powers ignore this.

Battlecry: An instant ability that is triggered upon playing the card.

+ to Spell Damage: Certain cards will boost Spell Damage by a numbered amount.

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