This week in Blackrock Mountain: Blackrock Depths

It begins! The Blackrock Mountain campaign for Hearthstone is underway! I am here to give you a step by step preview of what this Hearthstone adventure has to offer. Slight spoilers, but no real strategy will be discussed. That is for you to figure out or seek elsewhere!

Welcome to Blackrock Mountain!

Welcome to Blackrock Mountain!

Just like with Naxxramas, you click on “solo adventures” to get started. You will have to pay either $6.99 real money or 700 gold to access this adventure.

Cash or Gold

Once it gets authorized, you are good to go. Your next step will be selecting which deck you will use.

choose your hero

Ended up going with my hunter for the first two bosses.

Coren Direbrew is first up.

Coren Direbrew

Coren Direbrew arrives with bad intentions. Unlike Naxxramas, this board is bright and vivid with color. Mostly molten hot magma! Coren has an interesting hero power. Every turn he puts a minion from either side into the playing field.

Coren's greeting

Coren dies!

Coren's Death

Coren’s Death.

Coren didn’t put up too much of a fight. Such a gracious host!

Grim Patron reward

Grim Patron reward.

The Grim Patron card is a 3/3 minion that summons another grim patron if it survives damage. An interesting card for sure!

High Justice Grimstone

High Justice Grimstone.

High Justice Grimstone was pretty straight forward. His hero power adds a 1/1 minion with taunt for 1 mana.

Grimstone dead

As you can see, I only took 1 damage (no healing). The Justice was most accommodating.

Gang Up

I clicked too many times and missed my screenie!

Gang Up is your reward for defeating the High Justice Grimstone. It is a nifty spell that lets you select a minion and shuffle 3 copies of it into your deck. This is quite possibly one of the most powerful cards in this expansion.

Thaurissan and his lady

Emperor Thaurissan and his ‘special lady’, Moira.

Thaurissan has an interesting hero power: Do 30 damage for 2 mana. Caveat: He won’t use it if Moira is on the board. Moira is interesting too. She will only attack minions with taunt. Tip: Don’t kill her.

Thaurissan dead

Thaurissan dead.

After my hunter failed to get the job done, I switched to my spell-based mage deck to take Thaurissan down.

Resurrect reward

Reward for defeating Thaurrisan.

Resurrect is a priest spell, for 2 mana summon a random friendly minion that died in this game. I could only see using this in two situations: The first minion that died was a really good one or you are playing a deck with lots of legendary cards.

Thaurissan legendary Reward

Reward for clearing Blackrock Depths.

Emperor Thaurissan is a 5/5 legendary card that lowers the cost of cards in your hand by (1) at the end of your turn.

Hunter and Mage challenge unlocked

Defeating all three bosses unlocks the Hunter and Mage class challenges. Take a premade deck and go up vs one of the bosses from Blackrock Depths.

Hunter challenge won

Hunter challenge completed.

Coren was nice enough to put Gahz’rilla on the board so I did 2 damage with an arcane shot and hit him really, really hard.

Quick Shot reward

Hunter Reward!

Quick Shot is your hunter reward. A nice spell that does 3 damage for 2 mana. If your hand is empty, draw a card. Seems like a winner to me!

mage challenge defeated

Mage challenge defeated. (sorry about the blurry pic)

I mistimed the screen shot there. Oops!

Dragon's Breath reward

Dragon’s Breath is your reward for completing the mage challenge. It is a 5 mana spell that costs (1) less for each minion that died this turn. I’m all for spells that can be used on any target. Not as excited about this one as I was with Duplicate from Naxx.

This concludes our look at the first wing of Blackrock Mountain! Stay tuned for next week’s installment as we take on the Molten Core!

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