Sometimes we cling to shadows and fragments of the past, in hopes that something remains within a person. Something that might not have existed, if only in some part of our mind. Friendships that are not forged in honesty aren’t really friendships at all. They are at best a masquerade of an acquaintance. I’m sure we have all had these situations. Some of us even took it a step further, either into a long term relationship or a marriage. Such a thing, is like a house of cards or a dwelling built out of styrofoam. It looks good from some angles, it might even keep you warm and dry for a bit. As soon as any real bad weather comes along though, it’s down for the count. I cannot tell you how to handle this. After all, there is another human being involved, with feelings that will probably be hurt. The only thing I can say is, try to be honest with yourself and honest with them from the start.

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