This week in Blackrock Mountain: The Molten Core

Welcome back to This week in Blackrock Mountain, your home for juicy Hearthstone adventure! If last week was easy, this week is definitely making up for it. Hoooboy! I had to make specific decks up just to get through the bosses on normal mode. Lot’s of tears, but lots of joy too.


Garr starts out with a full board of minions.

First up in the Molten core wing is Garr. Garr starts out with a board full of 0/5 minions that have a world of hurt for you. His hero power does 1 damage to all minions for 1 mana. I had to make a special deck to take advantage of this situation.

Garr Dead

Garr dead!

I ended up rolling with a priest deck to use heals and silences, but there is a better strat you can use. I’m sure you will figure it out before I did. I have faith in you!

Druid of the Flame

Druid of the flame reward.

The reward for defeating Garr is the Druid of the Flame minion: A 2/2 druid minion that becomes a 2/5 or a 5/2, for 3 mana. I see some possibilities here, especially if you use buffs.

Baron Geddon

Baron Geddon.

The good Baron will test your deck balance with his hero power: Do 5 damage to the enemy hero if you have any unspent mana. Yeah, if you get a bad draw, you could be in for some early trouble. I didn’t have too many problems here.

Baron Deaddon

Yeah, it ended sweetly with a Pyroblast to the face! I didn’t even have to use the free Alexstrasza I got from the Unstable Portal!

Blackwing Technician

Blackwing Technician reward.

The reward for defeating Baron Geddon is the Blackwing Technician: A 2/4 neutral minion that has a Battlecry: If you are holding a Dragon, gain +1/+1. Not bad for 3 mana.

Majordomo Executus

Majordomo Excecutus.

Turns out, Majordomo was a major pain for me. His hero power is fairly weak: for 2 mana summon a 1/3 minion. He’s got a little secret though.

Ragnaros surprise!

Surprise! It’s Ragnaros!

Once you “kill” Majordomo, Ragnaros pops up. His hero power: Do 8 damage to a random enemy. Oh, in case that wasn’t enough, seems that Majordomo had a few Molten Giants up his sleeve. I had to go back to the drawing board for this one. I would eventually pick up another strategy on my way to redemption.

Ragnaros dead

Kiss my Ragnaros!

I made a freezy mage deck to help with the situation. It worked but there is another strategy you want to consider. I will let you figure it out for the most part, but if you want to read about it, I will put it in a *spoiler section* at the end of this post.

Imp Gang Boss

Imp Gang Boss reward.

The reward for defeating Majordomo/Ragnaros is the Warlock minion, Imp Gang Boss. This is a 2/4 minion that summons a 1/1 imp whenever it takes damage. It’s a Demon, so it’s got that going for it too.

Majordomo unlocked

Majordomo Excecutus reward.

For clearing the Molten Core wing, you get rewarded with your very own Majordomo Executus, sans the endless Molten Giants. However, it has a Deathrattle: Replace your hero with Ragnaros the Firelord. Should make for some fun shenanigans!

Warrior and Shaman unlocked

Warrior and Shaman class challenges unlocked.

Clearing the Molten Core also unlocks the Warrior and Shaman class challenges. Those were pretty straightforward for me and a lot of fun.

Warrior challenge defeated

Warrior class challenge defeated.

Garr’s hero power plays right into the hands of the premade warrior deck. It’s almost like a tutorial of how to use the new cards. That, and I had my strat down for this boss. You can see the results. I took a total of 1 damage with 15 armor in my 1-shot of this challenge.

Axe Flinger warrior reward

Axe Flinger reward.

The Axe Flinger is your reward for defeating the Warrior class challenge. This is a 2/5 minion that does 2 points of damage to the enemy hero. This card has lots and lots of possibilities for only 4 mana.

Shaman challenge defeated

Shaman class challenge defeated.

The Shaman class challenge was interesting. As you can see, I got some really nifty cards, including a Doomhammer and Al’Akir, which I didn’t need.

Lava shock shaman reward

Lava Shock reward.

Lava Shock is your reward for defeating the Shaman class challenge. This is a 2 mana spell that deals 2 damage and unlocks your overloaded mana crystals. It’s a nifty little spell but I’m not sure I will be replacing Crackle or Lava Burst with it.

That does it for this week’s review. Keep reading for a little strategy on this week’s bosses. See you next week!

*****Spoilers Ahead*****

Please stop here if you don’t want to read about any strategy on the Molten Core bosses!

Garr: There are two things going on here. 1) He starts out with a full board of 0/5 minions. 2) he does 1 damage to all minions each round, which inevitably trips the Deathrattles on those minions. I initially built a deck based on silencing those minions and healing through the damage. My priest deck was effective, but I also figured out that simply by killing a 1-2 of them each round will offset most of their damage. The more that die each round, the more damage they do per minion.

Priest Molten Core deck

Priest deck I made for Garr.

You can easily offset this by doing damage to different ones, making sure they die in different rounds. It’s pretty easy after that. I also put in a couple minions that would benefit from the constant damage like the Gurubashi Berserker.

Baron Geddon: I didn’t have much of a problem with Baron. I used my Mage spell-based deck. I got a good draw and didn’t have to take the 5 damage for not using all my mana each round, too many times. If your deck is balanced well, you shouldn’t have a problem with that either.

Majordomo Executus/Ragnaros the Firelord: Yeah. This combo was a pain until I figured out what I was doing wrong. 1) I was trying to kill all his minions and 2) I was trying to burst him down as fast as possible. Problem is, he dies and then Ragnaros comes up. He then probably has a few Molten Giants on the board.

Hearthstone Screenshot 04-10-15 16.24.39

Mage Freezy deck.

I eventually went with a mage freeze deck. The good thing is, you should have all the necessary cards unlocked (most are basic or common). It was nice to freeze his team of Molten Giants when the time came. The real trick though? Letting those 1/3 minions live. He will fill the board with them. Which means? He can’t summon the Molten Giants! Keep your AoE damage to a minimum. If you play some healing cards or armor cards, those should help. (I would replace the Arcane Missiles with a direct damage spell or minion)

Hope these tips help, good luck!

Other wings:

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