If The Walking Dead characters were in Warcraft, what classes would they be? Vol. 2

If you follow me you know I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and Warcraft. I wrote about this last year. Many things have gone on since then. Lots of new characters. I figured it’s time to revisit this fun topic. So, let’s go!

Abraham- Huge, strong, dedicated. Badass soldier. He does have kind of a virtuous side to him, but I think he leans more toward the rage side of things. His one mission in the post apocalyptic world was to protect Eugene and get him to DC: Protection Warrior. Probably Guardian spec.

Rosita- She has Abraham’s back and is a decent field medic. Her skills are still blossoming. She did a good job getting Abraham and Eugene to speak again: Discipline priest.

Morgan- Wow. Where do I begin? He’s come a long way since his debut in season 1. We got to see a glimpse of what he can do in the season 5 finale and it was totally inline with a monk. Right down to his new zen, “every life is precious” philosophy: Windwalker Monk.

Glenn- He can be crafty, good with weapons, knows how to get in and out of a tight situation. When it’s time to fight, he is all business: Combat Rogue.

Sasha- She has changed a little since we first met her with Tyreese. She is totally self sufficient and proficient in the ways of dealing death. She kills rabid dogs, walkers or anyone who will cross her, with impunity. She almost needs to kill to survive: Deathknight.

Tara- She started out kind of meek. She was there when the Governor tried to take the jail and ended up killing Hershel. She quickly realized she was on the wrong side and ended up meeting up with Glenn. Her skills evolved over time. I’m going to go with: Balance Druid.

Maggie- She can be as protective as she can be fierce. She learned a little medicine from her dad, Hershel. She is also wise enough to land next to Deanna as a fellow councilwoman: Enhancement Shaman.

Tyreese- The gentle giant. He could be quite powerful when provoked though. Most of the time, he was the protector. He seemed to hang on to his beliefs no matter how bad things got: Protection Paladin.

That’s all I have for now. Perhaps in another season, more characters will emerge and I will again be compelled to write on this further. Until then. Feel free to leave your ideas or comments down below!

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