Hearthstone 101: The druid

The druid is a pretty fun deck, even with the basic set of cards. Starting with it’s hero power: +1 attack +1 armor. The armor stays until you take damage, the attack goes away at the end of your turn. The druid toolkit is a lot like the druid class in WoW–it does a bit of everything.

Unfortunately, like a few other classes, the basic druid cards are pretty limited. Like the rogue though, there are some really good “common” cards that can be easily and cheaply obtained. We can still have a little fun though.

Basic Druid

Druid cards: 2 of each unless otherwise noted

2 mana: Mark of the Wild– A 2 mana spell that grants a minion +2/+2 and Taunt*. In this deck, I would hold onto them until you get a minion with Charge, if possible.

3 mana: Healing Touch– A 3 mana spell that restores 8 health. This is a great card, especially for new players. It can be used on your hero or a minion.

Savage Roar– This 3 mana spell gives all your characters +2 attack for this turn. This is usually quite a knockout punch when you have a few minions on the board.

4 mana: Swipe– A very versatile spell, Swipe can be pumped up with +Spell Damage. As is, it does 4 damage to 1 target and 1 damage to all the rest. Great for a board clear or direct damage to the enemy hero.

6 mana: Starfire– A 6 mana spell that does 5 damage to a target and draws a card.

Neutral Minions: 2 of each unless otherwise noted.

1 mana: Stonetusk Boar– A 1/1 minion with Charge, which means it can attack the same turn it’s played. Great for using a buff on.

2 mana: Bluegill Warrior– This 2/1 minion has Charge. Same as above, only with a little more damage.

Kobold Geomancer– A 2/2 minion with +1 to Spell Damage. Save these guys until you have a spell to cast–if you can.

3 mana: Raid Leader– This 2/2 minion gives all other friendly minions +1 to attack. Wait until you have 2-3 minions on the board already for best results.

Shattered Sun Cleric– A 3/2 minion that gives a friendly minion +1/+1. Great to combo with Stonetusk Boar or Bluegill Warrior. Try not to play this card unless you have minion down to buff.

Wolfrider– A 3/1 minion with Charge. This minion is perfect for buffing with a spell or the Shattered Sun Cleric.

Chillwind Yeti– This 4/5 minion is straightforward. No frills. Minions with 4 damage are great vs priests, since they are in that “sweet spot”: Can’t be targeted by Shadow Word Pain or Death.

Ogre Magi– A 4/4 minion that also does +1 to Spell Damage. Since this is a “beefier” minion, it has a chance to last on the board longer than some. Which is great if you have a Starfire in your hand and the mana to play it.

Sen’jin Shieldmasta– This 3/5 minion has Taunt, it must be targeted before your opponent can physically attack another minion. Some hero powers and spells ignore this mechanic.

6 mana: Reckless Rocketeer– A 5/2 minion with Charge. Great for closing out your opponent if they have no Taunts up.

BAsic druid army

I think I have the upper hand.

Once in a blue moon you might find yourself in a situation like this. My tip: enjoy it!

*Taunt- Your opponent is forced to attack this minion before he physically attacks another minion. Some hero powers or spells ignore this mechanic.

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