Taking advantage of the Treasure hunter trait

Warlords of Draenor has been out 6 months now and Garrisons is the main feature of this expansion. I wrote about how to get started with your followers on alliance side. Now I will pass some more advice on to you: Forget all that stuff!

It’s nice to get some followers early, and you never know what traits they will end up with. I’m here to tell you that the Treasure Hunter trait is where it’s at. Especially when you start to get missions for gold. Each follower you send on that mission will double the gold.

Sergeant Crowler Garrison Quartermaster

The Garrison Quartermaster is right outside your level 2 Town Hall.

What’s even cooler is, when you can get a level 2 inn, you can recruit followers who already have this lovely trait, and replace some of the scrubs you might have. In addition to that, visit Sergeant Crowler (alliance side) in your level two Garrison and you can purchase tokens to retrain abilities or traits separately. Why is this important? It let’s you cherry pick abilities or traits before the follower get’s to epic and get’s their second ability. This is especially great for alts who you only plan on running missions with.

It’s also my belief that you should get a good amount (6-10) followers to epic and level 100 before you start leveling their gear. That’s probably another post.

So take advantage of the inn, and get rid of those unwanted abilities and traits with the good Sergeant Crowley. You will be well on your way to stacking treasure hunter traits and lining your pockets with virtual gold!

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