This Week in Blackrock Mountain: Blackwing Lair

Welcome back to This Week in Blackrock Mountain. This week we take a look at the 4th wing: Blackwing Lair. There are 4 bosses in this wing. Should be fun!

The fun starts out with Razorgore the Untamed. His hero power: for 1 mana summon a 0/1 Corrupted Egg.

Razorgore the Untamed

Razoregore the Untamed.

I started out with my mage. After 2 tries, I had to switch to my hunter. After the Egg gets to 4 health it hatches into a 7/3 dragon.

Corrupted Egg

Corrupted Egg. Don’t let it hatch into a Dragon.

Razorgore no more.

Razoregore tamed

Razorgore defeated.

Revenge Reward. This 2 mana spell deals 1 damage to all minions; if you have 12 or less health, deal 3 damage instead.

Revenge Reward


Vaelastrasz the Corrupt. His hero power: for 0 mana, both players draw 2 cards. Shenanigans ahead.

Vaelastrasz The Corrupt (2)

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt.

Started up with my mage deck but had too many high mana cards. Decided to make a rogue deck for this special occasion.

Vaelastrasz the Un-Corrupt

Vaelastrasz defeated.

Flamewaker Reward. The Flamewaker is a 2/4 Mage minion with an interesting ability: After you cast a spell, deal 2 damage randomly split among all enemies.

Flamewaker Reward

Flamewaker reward. I keep wanting to type Flamewalker. I do not know why…

Chromaggus. His hero power: for 0 mana add a Brood Afflicion card to your opponents hand. Hijinks ensue.



The Brood Affliction card is an interesting mechanic. There are at least 4 different ones. This one restores 2 health to your opponent at the start of your turn. It costs 1 mana to play (get rid of) and counts as a spell. Enjoy!

Brood Affliction

Have a Brood Affliction card. It’s free!

I had to switch to my Warlock deck to dispatch Chromaggus. It still felt good though.

Cromaggus defeated

Chromaggus defeated.

Hungry Dragon reward. The Hungry Dragon is a 5/6 minion with a Battlecry: Give your opponent a random 1-cost minion. An interesting card for 4 mana.

Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon reward. If you’re hungry and you know it, clap your hands!

Lord Victor Nefarius. His hero power: for 1 mana: Let the games begin!

Lord Victor Nefarius

Lord Victor Nefarius…

There are games aplenty. Nefarius, aptly named–reveals his true nature: 30 armor, infinite mana (capped at 10) and a hero power that adds a random spell of your opponents class for 1 mana.


The real Nefarius.

Thankfully, Ragnaros cheats for us. It’s probably over-the-top. Living Lava is one of several cards he gives you that cost 0 mana. This one is a 6/6 minion with Taunt.

Ragnaros cheats for you

Living Lava. Just one of many free cheat-cards we get from Uncle Rags!

Nefarius cries as he is defeated. It was so easy with Ragnaros’ help–I took no damage.

Nefarius cries

Nefarius defeated.

Fireguard Destroyer Reward. This is a 3/6 Shaman minion with a Battlecry: Gain 1-4 attack. Overload (1).

Fireguard Destroyer

Fireguard Destroyer reward.

Chromaggus Legendary reward. This is a 6/8 Legendary minion with an ability: Whenever you draw a card, put another copy into your hand. Prepare to see this one a lot.

Chromaggus Legendary

Chromaggus Legendary reward.

Clearing Blackwing Lair also unlocks the Warlock and Rogue Class Challenges.

Warlock and Rogue Class Challenges Unlocked

Warlock and Rogue Class Challenges Unlocked.

I took out the Warlock Class challenge without incident. It got pretty crazy at the end, actually. I had my side of the board full for most of the game.

Warlock Class challenge completed

Warlock Class Challenge completed.

Demonwrath reward. Demonwrath is a Warlock spell that deals 2 damage to all non-Demon minions. Sounds neat for 3 mana.

Demonwrath reward

Demonwrath reward.

Rogue Class Challenge was pretty easy too. I’m not 100% but it seemed like I was getting more than 2 of each card. At least Gang UP. Ended up stuffing 6 copies of Van Cleef away for safe keeping. As you can see, the fight only lasted 6 rounds.

Rogue CC defeated

Rogue Class Challenge completed.

Dark Iron Skulker reward. The Dark Iron Skulker is a 4/3 Rogue minion with a Battlecry that does 2 damage to all undamaged enemy minions. Pretty powerful if you ask me. Kind of like a Consecration that leaves behind a 4/3 minion. I got plans for this one.

Dark Iron Skulker reward

Dark Iron Skulker reward.

Four wings down. One wing left to go. See you guys next week for the final installment of This Week in Blackrock Mountain!

Other wings:


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