Get your “knocks” in early during Children’s Week

Children’s week starts April 27th at 11:00 AM*, which means, if you need to complete “School of Hard knocks” for What a long Strange Trip it’s Been, you want to get that done early as possible. I’m going to give a few tips on how to get that done.

You can complete this entire portion on another character. This is important. Max level PvP is generally more of a pain than it is worth. Especially at this point in Warlords. There will be a lot of well-geared PvPers out for the sole purpose of targeting those folks with their orphans out. If you don’t have an alt in the 20-54** range, you might want to roll a DK just for this. It would be worth it.

  • Tip: Use an alt.

Shaman and druids are great because they have mobility. That would be good for capturing flags and running down flag carriers.

I did School of Hard Knocks on 2 other toons, partially because I hate myself, partially because it got easier. Patience and getting it done as early as possible helped.

  • Tip: Get it done early as possible.

The first day, if you can pull it off, will be the best day. I remember in a couple Warsong Gulch matches, the other side actually helped out by dropping the flag and letting people return it. This is most likely to happen the first day, so keep that in mind.

You don’t have to have the best PvP gear to do this, but you should have PvP gear. You should also enchant a little for stamina and speed. I haven’t enchanted yet this expac (still leveling alts)

  • PvP gear and enchants

Bottom line is, it makes your life easier. This is all about that. Switch things up if you are having a hard time. I start with Warsong Gulch, then I go to Eye of the Storm. Those seem to give me the most stress. Arathi Basin is usually not too hard, although everyone will be rushing for the Stables. I find that going for the Mine usually works best. Alterac Valley is the easiest, for me. I always go to the Relief Hut area and get in one of those towers.

  • Tip: Be patient and don’t be afraid to switch things up.

The patience is especially key. Don’t expect to straight shot this. If you are lucky, the gods will be with you. Take breaks, switch up Battlegrounds. Get a friend to run with you, if you can.

Just keep in mind that this is still a game. Getting that Violet Proto drake is a sweet, sweet reward. Good luck and godspeed!


My Paladin, Oxxo, transformed into a human thanks to Blingtron.

Level Ranges for the required Battlegrounds:

  • Warsong Gulch 10-100
  • Arathi Basin 15-100
  • Eye of the Storm 15-100
  • Alterac Valley 20-100

*Check your in-game calendar for start times. They may differ by server/region.

** Level ranges for the needed Battlegrounds are 10-20 now, ideally you would like to use a character below 54 (DKs come in the next bracket 55-60).

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