This Week in Blackrock Mountain: The Hidden Lair

Welcome back to This Week in Blackrock Mountain! This week we take on the last wing in the adventure: The hidden lair. 4 more bosses await us as we wrap up this grand adventure!

First up is The Omnotron Defense System.

Omnotron Defense System

Omnotron Defense System. Status: Operational.

The Omnotron Defense System has an interesting Hero Power. It escalates in power and cost by two every time it’s used. The first one summons a 2/2 minion that gives both players +2 spell power. It gets more interesting after that.

Omnotron Powering Down!

Omnotron Defense System. Status: Obliterated.

Volcanic Drake Reward. The Volcanic Drake is a 6/4 Dragon that costs (1) less for each minion that died in the turn you play it.

Volcanic Drake Reward

Volcanic Drake.

Maloriak is up next. His hero Power is passive: Swap the health and damage of a minion. I made a priest buff deck to deal with this, but it didn’t really work out so hot. So I went with my hunter deck.



Maloriak defeated.

Maloriak defeated

Maloriak defeated.

Blackwing Corruptor Reward. The Blackwing Corruptor is a 5/4 neutral minion with a Battlecry: If you are holding a Dragon, deal 3 damage. Pretty stout for 5 mana.

Blackwing Corruptor reward

Not only a reward but a bonus title: Slayer of stupid, incompetent and disappointing minions. We need this in Warcraft!

It’s nice to see the title stuck!

Slayer of Stupid, incompetent, and diasppointing minions

I shall now be known by no other name!

Next up is Atramedes. He’s got an annoying Hero Power: Starts out with a 0/6 weapon and any time you play a card it grows in power. You do get 3 cards to destroy this weapon, so use them wisely.

I didn’t do so hot on my mage, so I went to my hunter and dispatched this “blind dragon” in short order.

I killed a blind dragon!

Atramedes, the blind Dragon!

Drakonid Crusher reward. The Drakonid Crusher is a 6/6 Dragon with a Battlecry: If your opponent has 15 or less health gain +3/+3.

Drakonid Crusher reward

Drakonoid Crusher reward.

Nefarian. Again. This time it’s personal. Oh, and we don’t have Ragnaros to help us. He starts out with 10 armor and a Hero Power that summons (2) 2/1 Bone Constructs for 2 mana.

Nefarian. Again

Nefarian. Again.

Nefarian just cannot wait to spring his “Ultimate Creation” upon you. The minute you get him under 30 health, he does just that, and oh boy, is it ever special (*fakes enthusiasm*).

Nefarian's Ultimate Creation


So his “Ultimate Creation” amounts to a 15 health Onyxia with a Hero Power that “rains fire” and a 2/6 weapon. It’s a minor pain. Once you defeat it…you go back to where you left off.

Nefarian goes back to former self

Nefarian. Again. Part two. Electric Boogaloo.

It would seem I was in a good position…however, when he transitions back to his old self, he has a little surprise for you. Eventually, I had to build a deck with certain things in mind. You can see part of my strategy in the screen shot below.

Nefarian dead. Again

Nefarian dead. Again. This time for good?

Dragonkin Sorcerer reward. The Dragonkin Sorcerer is a 3/5 Dragon that gains +1/+1 if targeted by a spell. This kind of has some interesting potential. For 4 mana, it could be a sleeping giant–er Dragon!

Dragonkin Sorcerer

Dragonkin Sorcerer reward.

Nefarian Legendary. Nefarian is an 8/8 Legendary Dragon with a Battlecry: Add two random spells from your opponents class. Costs 9 mana to play. I can see this being used in many decks.

Nefarian Legendary

Paladin class challenge unlocked.

Paladin Class Challenge Unlocked

Paladin Class Challenge Unlocked.

Paladin Class Challenge. Omnotron Defense System is up (and down) again as you square off with a Paladin deck. They actually put in some good cards!

Paladin class challenge defeated

Paladin class challenge defeated.

Solemn Vigil reward. This is a 5 mana spell that allows you to draw (2) cards. It costs (1) less for each minion that died this turn. Pretty cool, but not sure how it stacks up with other Paladin “draw” cards.

Solemn Vigil reward

Solemn Vigil reward.

Blackrock Mountain Cleared! This ends our time in the Blackrock Mountain Adventure. I hope you had as much fun playing through it as I did! Until out next adventure!

Blackrock Mountain Cleared

Bye bye Blackrock Mountain. I shall miss you!

Feel free to check out some of the other wings you might have missed!

Other Wings:

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