Time for Ozzie to come back to Chicago

Billy Martin had a love/hate thing going on with the Yankees. Ozzie Guillen could too. He has made his desire known that he would love to coach the White Sox again. With the current state of the franchise, now might be the time.

I like Robin Ventura a lot. I was a fan of his as a player. When they hired him to replace Ozzie, I was on board. The team however has been mediocre at best since he took over. This year, they were favored to be a contender in the A.L. Central.

They are currently 8-14 and on a 5 game losing streak. Since Ventura took over the Sox are 229-278 for a .452 win percentage. That’s 1 game shy of 50 under .500. Pretty shockingly bad.

Ozzie is probably the only one who could come in and instantly give a spark to a team that was built to win this year. The pressure is only going to build as the team across town keeps stacking wins with a young club and a feisty manager of their own. Sox fans know what it’s like to play in the shadow of the Cubs and a good amount of them resent the north-siders for it.

Kenny Williams will no doubt have to put past feelings for Guillen aside, and Ozzie will have to keep his mouthy son in check. I think both of these things can be accomplished. The wildcard in the whole thing is probably pitching coach Don Cooper who seemed to have a rift with Ozzie as he departed for Florida.

Whatever they choose to do, they should probably do it with some urgency before the entire season slips away.

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