Can you make a good deck from all the best drops?

A “drop” is a card you play in Hearthstone. It’s usually referenced with a number from 0-10 to indicate how much mana it costs to play it. I was wondering, could I make a deck using “the best” drops in every category? Obviously, the class will come into play, and there are other factors. Let’s see what we can do.

There is all kinds of synergy, but let’s just try and keep this simple. If we have any kind of theme, maybe we can capitalize on it.

0 mana- Some of the best 0 mana cards are class cards. We are going to skip those for now and focus on the neutral minions.

1 mana- There are two cards that really stand out to me, the Leper Gnome and Clockwork Gnome (2). Leper Gnome is great because you are almost guaranteed 2 points of damage unless you opponent uses a silence on it. The Clockwork Gnome is great because it gives you a “spare part” which is a spell, when it dies. Unless it is silenced, which it usually won’t be. The Secretkeeper is a close 2nd too. A 1/2 minion that get’s +1/+1 when a secret is played. Due to it’s situational nature, I think the other two win out.

2 mana- I was torn between offense and defense on this one. Ultimately, the Knife Juggler (2) won out. A 3/2 minion that does 1 damage to a random enemy every time a minion is played. This does better in a deck that consists of lots of low cost minions. I’m not sure we are going to have that here, but we can try.

3 mana- There are so many great 3 mana drops. One of my favorite is the Demolisher: a 1/4 minion that does 2 points of damage to a random enemy at the start of your turn. I would put two of these in, but I only have 1. This lets me put in another one of my favorites: The Imp Master. A 1/5 minion that summons a 1/1 imp at the end of your turn, but also does 1 damage to the Imp Master. A great card on many levels. Should work well with the Knife Juggler.

4 mana- Piloted Shredder. I think has nudged the Chillwind Yeti for best 4 drop. The Yeti is great, but the shredder has the Deathrattle that gives you a random 2-cost minion. This card gets hit with a silence a lot, which sucks, but in a deck like this, that might not be all that bad.

5 mana- It’s starting to get a little tougher. Faceless Manipulater is one of my favorite cards in the game, for any drop. The Sludge Belcher is a pretty awesome card in it’s own right. Azure Drake is an awesome card too. A 4/4 minion that lets you draw a card and gives you +1 spell damage is really tough to beat. I went with the Manipulator and since I only have one, an Azure drake as well.

6 mana- The Argent Commander is a pretty powerful card. A 4/2 minion with Charge and Divine Shield. Pretty fantastic. I only have one of those so I included another fsvorite: The Sunwalker. A 4/5 minion with Taunt and Divine Shield.

7 mana- Dr. Boom, because I have him, is a pretty great card for 7 mana. So is the Stormwind Champion. So, I put them both in!

8 mana- It’s kind of crowded here. There are a couple of legendary cards to consider: Kel’Thuzad and Ragnaros. Both can be potential game-changers. Oops, looks like I put both of them into my deck! Completely wicked, I know!

9 mana- After completing the Blackrock Mountain solo adventure, I decided to throw in Nefarian. This is a 6/8 Legendary minion that upon playing it, adds 2 random spells from your opponents class to your hand. Pretty great, especially later in the game when you need more cards. I decided against putting the other 9 drop from BRM.

10 mana- The big hitters. There aren’t many. As luck would have it, I was blessed with not one, but two Sea Giants (1). 8/8 minions that cost 10 mana to play, or one less for every minion on the board. These can be pretty sneaky.

Best in Slot 2

Class cards: I went with the mage to support an awesome array of minions. The mage has the most spells of any class, most of them quite nasty. Lots of powerful damage spells, freezes, AoE damage, you name it.

2 of each unless otherwise noted:

2 mana: Frostbolt – Do 3 damage and freeze the character. Can be used on minions or the opponent’s hero. Great for those pesky classes that use weapons.

3 mana: Duplicate– One of my favorite spells in the game: When a minion is killed put 2 copies of it into your hand. Kind of unfair in a deck like this, especially with some legendaries at the back end. I love it.

Mirror Entity– Another one of my favorites: When your opponent plays a minion, make a copy of it on your board. I’ve snagged my share of legendaries with this Secret.

4 mana: Fireball– Deal 6 damage. Nice and simple. Take out a high powered minion or hit you opponent in the face.

6 mana: Blizzard– I love casting it on my frost mage, and not much is better than freezing your opponent’s entire board. Deals 2 damage to all enemy minions and freezes any survivors.

10 mana: Pyroblast (1)- Yeah buddy. Was lucky enough to draw two of these. Not much better than a 10 damage pillar of flame shooting out across the board to finish someone off. A “well played” usually precedes it. Yeah, I am “that guy”. I’ve taken my fair share of grief in my short Hearthstone career.

So there we go, “Best in Slot” minions and some mage spells mixed in. The deck works pretty good and is really fun. It has a lot of “holes” in it from a strategy aspect, but when the cards fall your way, you are going to steamroll people. Hope you try it out and have fun with it. Feel free to let me know how it goes in the comments down under!

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