The altoholic’s guide to easy questing in Draenor

I like to have things easy, especially the more I level. I have a mini-guide to the first 10 followers on alliance side. I also have a post about recruiting for Treasure Hunters. This is my next step, which maybe should have been the second one. Anyways:

shadowmoon sky

The night sky of Shadowmoon Valley.

One thing I have noticed is, you want to hit the garrison quest chain in every zone. In Shadowmoon, it kind of jumps around a little. You definitely want to do the quest chain starting with “Into Twilight” (at Twilight Glade) where Velen sees a vision of what happens to Karabor, for a couple reasons. 1) you get sent to recruit Rulkan who is a solid follower (I usually get deadly minions and the group heal). 2) it unlocks your Town Hall upgrade to level 2. You really want to do that to make your overall life easier. You will need a level 2 Garrison to get the level 2 inn and barracks.

Level 2 Inn: Let’s you recruit for abilities and traits, which is pretty neat. It also is an easy way to get more followers without having to go through quest chains.

Level 2 Barracks: Lets you run around with a follower with the Bodyguard trait. If you play a squishy mage, you will want this. My guy is Tormmok. He seems to hold aggro better than my hunter pets.

What I have been doing is making sure I complete the main quest/garrison quest in each zone. This usually gets you a follower and a book that you can use to turn in for a level 2 building in your garrison. Since many of the level 2 plans are locked behind your level and quests, this is a good way to get them. Wowhead has a great guide on unlocking all the garrisons and the bonus quests for these items.

For me, the biggest thing for easier questing is getting your barracks to level 2 so you can use the bodyguard feature. My frost mage was the first time that I used this. Makes a world of difference. Once you get that done, you are on easy street.


The Darkmoon Faire offers a 10% XP buff and some quests to help with the leveling grind.

If you are like me, you like taking time out from the grind and do some other things to get yourself some experience. I make sure to do both the cooking and fishing dailies in the main towns and Dalaran. They award level appropriate XP and a nice diversion. When the Darkmoon Faire is up, I make sure to do the profession quests.

Once you get all that going, the rest should be down hill. Hope this helped you out a little and you enjoy leveling some of your squishier toons through Draenor!

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