Ended up with my back stuck to the wall

Looking for a friend, felt pretty small

I know where they  are, but they can’t be found

Stabbed in the back, when I was turned around

I was wrong or maybe I was right

Words get tossed and there’s a fight

I needed some backup, I just needed a friend

Instead I got blindsided and feelings got bent

Spinning sideways, spiraling down

This is not the way it should happen, you’re not around

Fell parallel to the ground

I want to scream, want to yell, but I don’t make a sound

Everything’s flipped and I don’t have a clue, who, who?

Rewrite the script, damn the drama, It’s coming unglued

Ain’t no church mouse, I’m more like a bear

I’ve got my flaws, and plenty to share

I talk a big game and push comes to shove

Friends to the end, faith, loyalty, love

I thought I could trust it, and ended up wrong

Hung out to dry, a fool all along

I might forgive you, but I rarely forget

You’ll have to work now to regain lost respect

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