Card of the Week: Knife Juggler

I can’t think of a better card to feature on my first installment in this new series! The Knife Juggler has been one of my personal favorites, pretty much since I started playing Hearthstone. I had an opponent who played it and then proceeded to drop other minions, much to my displeasure.

Knife Juggler deck

Knife Juggler Deck.

The Knife Juggler: A 3/2 minion that does 1 damage randomly, every time you summon a minion. This also works every time you play a card that summons another minion. Such as the Imp Master or Murloc Tidehunter. Really, any card that has another minion attached to it. For example: I put two Piloted Shredders in because they have a Deathrattle that summons a random 2-cost minion.

Hero powers and the Knife Juggler: Any hero power that summons a minion works. The paladin summons a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit. Shaman totems count as a minion as well. I chose a rogue deck specifically to use Gang Up and hopefully put 6 more Knife Jugglers into my deck.

The Strategy: I know a lot of us chomp at the bit when we get the Knife Juggler in our hand, but you really want to flush out a silence/removal or two if you can, before you put it down. You also want to save it until you can throw it down, then play a couple minions if possible.

Knife Juggler Gang Up combo

Knife Juggler and Gang Up combo.

Cards that accent it: The imp master is one of my favorites. If you are playing a warlock deck, Imp-losion is awesome. If you are playing a paladin, Muster for Battle is great as it summons 3 Silver Hand Recruits. Unleash the Hounds can be totally fun. Especially if the opponent has a full board going. The Violet Teacher is nice, if you have a deck with lots of spells.

Bonus play: If you have a chance to say, drop 2 of these on the board at the same time, then play a card that summons minions, that’s even better. 2 Knife Jugglers and Imp-losion would be spectacular. Have fun with it.

How to acquire: If you are lucky, you can get this rare card in the original packs of Hearthstone cards. If not, you can craft it for 100 dusts.

I’m going to try and run this every Friday for as long as I can keep coming up with fun cards to spotlight. Hope all your battles are epic!

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