Bumper Stickers and T-shirts

Bumper Stickers and T-shirts


Hey, look at me. I’m impulsive, can you see?

Let me tell you a little something about myself

I like cats, I like ribs, I like bacon and Jesus

I like shrimp, I like kids, I like politics and seasons

My kid is so much smarter than yours

I’m traveling with a baby on board!

Doncha know? Get outta my way!

Hey look at me. I like this that and everything.

I’m intellectual, that’s a fact, and you’ll never have to ask

I like books, I like soul, I like sports and vacation

I like dogs, I like science, I like Parks and Recreation

I’m a walking billboard running free and I have no destination

Come with me, will be palls as long as you like what I do!

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