Card of the Week: Defender of Argus

This week we are going to take a look at the Defender of Argus. Like most cards, I found out about it after an opponent used it. It wasn’t until they used it with a Youthful Brewmaster, that it really got my attention. There is a downside to this combo, and I will tell you about that in a minute.

Hearthstone Screenshot 05-27-15 13.31.50

The Defender of Argus could change your fortune.

The Defender of Argus was one of the first cards I crafted. Yes, I made the “mistake” of crafting a couple cards before I used my dusts on a legendary. It wasn’t a mistake at all! Defender of Argus is an excellent card. You should make one if you don’t have it yet.

This 2/3 minion has a Battlecry: Give adjacent minions +1/+1 and Taunt. This is huge. All of a sudden you have two tanks on the board. There are a whole host of cards you can use with this.

Hearthstone Screenshot 05-27-15 14.44.25

An example of what the Defender of Argus can do for you!

The strategy: The ideal situation is to plop this guy on the board when you have at least 2 minions down. Unfortunately, you opponent might not cooperate. This is one of the snags. A good plan is to save it for later on in the game, when your opponent has less removals/silences. One particularly nasty strategy is to play it in between two Molten Giants after you have taken the qualifying damage. This is usually done by a filthy warlock, but I have seen it done by others as well.

Cards that accent it: As I mentioned at the top, the Youthful Brewmaster turns this one use card into a multi-use card. If you have 2 Youthful Brewmasters and 2 Defenders of Argus, well, you can see where this goes. Other cards it works well with: There aren’t many cards it doesn’t work well with. Obviously if you want to protect a card, you will try not to use that one. Stoneskin Gargoyle– a 1/4 minion that heals itself back to full health at the end of the turn. Emperor Cobra– 1 2/3 minion that destroys any minion it damages. Oasis Snapjaw– Turn a 2/7 minion into a 3/8 with Taunt. Gurubashi Berserker– A 2/7 minion that gets +3 attack when damaged. Maexxna– A 2/8 legendary minion that destroys any minion it damages. Sea Giant, Molten Giant, Mountain Giant and even Clockwork Giant– all of these have their little quirks and can be played at various stages of the game. Sea Giant and Molten Giant are probably the two “best”.

Bonus Play: Because they buff a card +1/+1 this can be very useful vs priest. It can put a card that does 3 damage into that 4 damage “safe zone”.

How to acquire: The Defender of Argus is a rare card from the original Hearthstone packs. You can also craft one for 100 dusts. To date: I have never pulled this card from a pack. I have only the one I crafted almost a year ago. Your mileage may vary!

Hope you enjoyed this write up and go forth “defendering” many cards from here on out. See you next week!

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