The Reputation Redo

I was thinking about reputation gains in Warcraft. I think Wrath of the Lich King probably had the best system. You get basic rep with some dungeons, then you can put any number of tabards on and earn rep with another faction.

The developers (mainly Ghostcrawler) thought this was “too easy”. To me, someone who doesn’t run many dungeons, this was a little painful. I did run a lot more back during Wrath though. I think we can tweak this a little.

Tabards– I think tabards should be earned and not bought. If you think about it, why would someone just let you buy their tabard? I know some were available at Exalted, but those didn’t help you out much. It was more of a status symbol. I kind of missed seeing people sporting a certain faction’s tabard. I think you should prove yourself worthy of wearing one. Maybe through early quests or a set reputation level.

Play your game– Another problem with the tabard was that you could only get rep from questing and dungeons. What about the PvPers? They have a system that works: the guild tabard. You earned rep for doing all kinds of things, the tabard would boost those gains. Why not make the rep tabard the same? Every PvP kill, objective battle ground, arena, or rated BG.

Reputation perks: They do a good job in this area. From mounts to gear to fun stuff like pets and toys. How about a 20-25% boost to rep gains on a weekend (or week). I wish WoW did this more. Blizzard does it with their other games. Too worried about upsetting the special snowflakes who had to struggle with rep back in the day? Wah-wah.

Grinding it out– I don’t mind grinding out rep now and then from mobs. I like options though. If questing, PvP, and dungeons are not your thing, go have at it. This is going to be slow going though. I would have those gains boosted with the tabard.

Sharing is caring– It’s about time for rep to be account bound. Nothing is worse than having to grind out the same rep on another character because there is something you need from them. Mists of Pandaria was terrible for this. Yes, even with the commendation you could purchase. Again, this worked in Wrath. There were a couple items that were account wide. Just make the reps account wide. Done and done.

Rep shouldn’t be something taken too lightly, but it also shouldn’t be something you want to smash your face while doing either. Giving the player options is the best way to go. It keeps things from getting too boring and monotonous. If done well, it can be fun and bring players together.

Rep recap:

  • Rep from mobs
  • Questing
  • Tabards when earned
  • Dungeons
  • PvP
  • Bonus rep weekends
  • World bosses/PvP objectives

There it is Blizzard, all laid out for you. Feel free to take my idea. (heck, it was mostly stuff you did in the past!)

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