Card of the Week: Duplicate

This card was introduced in Hearthstone’s first solo adventure: Curse of Naxxramas. While Duplicate is a mage class card, it’s one of my favorites from Naxx, and a very powerful spell.

duplicate (2)

Mage secret: Duplicate.

Duplicate: A 3 mana spell that places two copies of a friendly minion into you hand when one dies. This is awesome for protecting legendary cards and giving you more cards, while also casing spells. Even before this card came out, it gave me all kinds of ideas.

The strategy: You basically want to save it for when you have a minion out that you built your deck around. Right now. I have a Flamewaker deck, so I generally try to put this out before I get one of those on the board. Which lines up with that strat. You put this out at 3 mana, then you drop a Flamewaker and a 1 mana spell at 4. There is a small downside to this strat though. If you play with Taunts, especially Mirror Image, those will often get killed before your intended minion. Keep that in mind.

Cards that accent it: In my opinion, the Flamewaker or almost any legendary works well here. If you are playing a Mech deck, it gives you more of those cards. Archmage Antonidas. It has nice synergy with spell decks, because you cast a spell and get minions back. In the Flamewaker’s case: Spells equal damage!

Bonus play: As I mentioned before, Duplicate is powerful, especially when throwing out legendary cards. I usually run with Ragnaros and Archmage Anonidas in my mage decks now, although, I generally use up a Duplicate before I get to that point.

Mage challenge defeated

Mage challenge completed: Duplicate reward!

How to acquire: Naxxramas, plague quarter after completing the mage class challenge. Sounds like a lot of hoops to go for, but it’s worth it. If you haven’t played Naxx yet, here are 10 cards to play for!

Hope you enjoyed this write up. Now go forth and belch sludge into the face of your enemies! See you next week!

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2 Responses to Card of the Week: Duplicate

  1. Dobablo says:

    Important note. Avoid using this card + mirror image. It is about the only time you don’t want to hide Antonidas behind a taunt.

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