Are you disappointed with the new hero portrait for $10?

I got a little excited when the news broke that there would be a new hero portrait for Hearthstone. Even more so when I saw the silhouette looked a lot like it belonged to a dwarf. When it was revealed it was none other than King Magni Bronzebeard, my excitement soared.


King Magni Bronzebeard, Hearthstone’s newest hero.

Then there was the $10 price tag. $10 is not a ton of money. In many parts of the country, it will barely get you a ticket to the movie theater. In others, it will barely get you lunch. Hearthstone is a Free to Play game, and those games operate on the premise that at some point, you will be expected to shell out some real world cash.

Blizzard almost got me when they announced a really cool card back if you pre-purchased the Blackrock Mountain solo adventure. I had already saved up a good deal of gold at the time. I could have used the gold for more packs. I ended up refraining and used my gold for the adventure.

Up until now, just about everything involving Hearthstone had the option to be bought with gold or cash. Meaningful things, too–cards and solo adventures. It would have made sense for this to continue with hero portraits. Another option could have been some kind of reward for achieving a benchmark in wins with the warrior class.

I’m probably going to want all the new heroes at some point. Whether it will be to use them or simply collect them. I’m going to wait and see if there will be a sale or a bundle to get them all at once. I’m a little disappointed in the lack of options at this point. Everything else has been outstanding so far for the year old computer strategy card game.

Are you excited, disappointed or indifferent about the new hero portrait and pricing? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under.

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3 Responses to Are you disappointed with the new hero portrait for $10?

  1. Dobablo says:

    I thought Blackrock Mountain was real money only. I also had a stack of gold ready to buy the wings but found no option to buy with gold.
    Personally I think the cost is a little high, but that is because:
    a) I think gamers should be able to fully customise their end-UI experience as long as it has no impact on other players or gameplay
    b) It is the sort of add-on or download that PC users have been doing free for years. I can pay a bit for the professional work they’ve done this is four times more than Oblivion’s horse armor.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Nope. Blackrock Mountain was just like Naxx, except you didn’t get a free wing. You get a discount if you buy all 5 wings together with cash, then it’s $25. If you pay with gold it’s 700g per week.

      • Dobablo says:

        Well that’s got me all sadpuppy. I only saw the cash only option to buy the whole pack, not the alternative to buy wings individually.

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