Leveling characters for gold

A little while back, I started leveling a character for the sole purpose of finding out how much gold you can accumulate for 1-90. During this process, gold was actually nerfed in quests, so these numbers dropped a little. However, Warlords of Draenor came out, giving us even more opportunities for gold making, just by questing and leveling.


Moneytalks, the first in a long line of gold making DKs?

My final numbers are not out just yet but you get in excess of 8,000 gold just from going from 90 to 100 by questing. There are some garrison missions involved, but just as many as you can get done during the leveling process. My question now is, can I level a character strictly for gold and still have fun? If I can pull this off and make around 10-12k, that’s almost half of a gold token on my server.

What class will I play: Since I have figured out that leveling from 1-60 doesn’t net you all that much gold, but takes a decent amount of time, I am going to go with the Deathknight. Plus, I like leveling DKs. They start out with 12 slot bags, and epic riding. Minor expenses.

Professions: I’m probably not going to mess around. If I eventually do, it will be around level 65 (when I get tired of outland content). Then again, I might just grind dungeons for a few levels. More gold, more loot to sell.

This is sounding like a pretty cool idea for someone like me, who is a little bored with the current game. Midsummer Fire Festival is coming soon, so this means alternative means of gaining experience too. Not as profitable as regular questing, because there will be no drops from mobs or quest rewards to sell.

It’s certainly not the most efficient way of earning gold, but for me, it may be just what I need to keep me invested in the game and playing without shelling out real world cash!

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