Card of the week: Death’s Bite

Death’s Bite was not a card I was too thrilled about when it first came out. A 4/2 weapon that has a Deathrattle that does 1 damage to all minions. For 4 mana, there are all kinds of cards I would usually prefer over that. I understand the error of my ways now, especially with the introduction of the Grim Patron.

Hearthstone Screenshot 06-12-15 09.52.47

Hit your opponents with the bite of 1,000 winters.

It’s a Warrior card, so that knocks out a lot of people who don’t like the class. Just as much as I am an altoholic in WoW, I play all the classes in Hearthstone. Right now, I really like playing a warrior, thanks to the aforementioned Grim Patron and his buddy the Axe Flinger. I’m getting a little ahead of myself though.

The strategy: Pretty straightforward. It is a 4/2 weapon so that means you get 2 whacks unless someone pulls out an Acidic Goo. The good thing is, you still get the Deathrattle, which is really what makes this such a good card for warriors. I try to save it for when I have cards on the board that benefit from some damage–which the warrior deck is full of. Some would say it’s full of something else, but not me! Equipping it after you have such cards on the board, protects that they will benefit by it. So keep that in mind.

Hearthstone Screenshot 06-12-15 10.05.11

Winter is coming.

Cards that accent it: Since there are a bunch, I am going to bullet point them.

  • Armorsmith– This minion loves a little damage.
  • Axe Flinger– Hit it and it hits your opponent in the face!
  • Execute– With the Deathrattle, you can give 1 damage to an enemy who might be behind a taunt.
  • Frothing Berserker– If this guy is on the board when many minions take damage, it will go–too easy.
  • Grim Patron– One turns into two, two turns into four. Everyone, get in here!
  • Gurubashi Berzerker– Any damage kicks this guys enrage attack bonus!
  • Rampage– Once you have a damaged minion, this card boosts them up.

Bonus play: If you are using a Deathrattle deck, there is that synergy. You might be tempted to add Baron Rivendare who triggers your Deathrattles twice. It could be a little tricky to pull off though. There is also the Commanding Shout that makes all your characters stay at at least 1 health, which works really well in a Grim Patron deck. Putting a couple healers in your deck is kind of sneaky too, like the Darkscale Healer.

Warrior challenge defeated

How to acquire: This is a Naxx card, so if you haven’t done that you have some money or time to spend on getting it. Which I think is totally worth because there are some really good cards there. You will have to complete the Warrior class challenge to earn this as your reward!

Another week, another great Hearthstone card. Hope you enjoyed it. See you next Friday!

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