Forgotten Tracks: Cyndi Lauper

I am guilty of the crime of not listening to enough Cyndi Lauper, I hope you are not making the same mistake. This incredibly talented singer/songwriter had lots of success in the 80s, early 90s and into the 2000s. Usually when I hear one of her songs on the radio it takes me back to a moment of time. No matter what my mood is, it usually improves by 20% or more!

Girls just want to have fun– If you are in your mid 30’s to mid 40’s, you probably saw this video a few dozen times in your life. Who could forget the iconic and quirky debut video by this songstress? Not as colorful or bold as her videos would become, but it did have Captain Lou Albano. If you were a fan of WWF Wrestling, you probably know how cool that was.

Change of heart-You can almost hear Cyndi’s maturity coming through as a singer with this song. It may be a pop song, but it was one with a meaningful tone and lyrics.

She bop– This crazy little pop song would feature the colors and wild style she is popular for. Captain Lou makes another appearance in this fun and quirky video!

Time after time– I think this was the second hit Cyndi had. I still get chills when I hear it today. Such a perfect song. Timeless. Soothing. Powerful. I think we can all relate to this song about love and freindship.

True colors– This song is Lauper’s anthem for tolerance and acceptance. A very meaningful one in her personal life as she would go on to be very active in the equality for LGBT rights. Very beautiful yet simple song.

Money changes everything– This lesser known Lauper hit is one of my favorite songs. Just love the vocals and sound. Who doesn’t love a “hooter” solo?

I drove all night– This was a sneaky song. I first heard the Roy Orbison version while working in retail. We got new music on the Muzak system, which was really neat. I would then see the video with Jason Priestly and Jennifer Connelly which was just about the time 90210 was popular. I didn’t hear the Cyndi Lauper version until years later on her greatest hits CD. I love it. In my opinion, this is probably her best vocal performance.

The Goonies ‘R’ good enough– I didn’t remember this song at all until I played the video. Probably because anytime it was played it was called “Good enough”. I wasn’t really into the Goonies movie either. I know, blaspheme. I eventually saw “The Goonies” on VHS* so you can rest assured.

*an ancient medium in which movies and videos were recorded and played back on!

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