Tavern Brawl Now Live!

The newest Hearthstone feature has just went live today at 10:00 am Pacific here in the States. I was pretty excited for this new feature. It sounded like less RNG than what we have in arenas and less “legendary” stacking for newer players who might feel out-gunned.

Tavern Brawl

The Tavern Brawl feature is now live in the US.

So I logged in and checked it out. I was kind of surprised I was Ragnaros and my opponent was Nefarian. Both with premade decks, many of the cards I was seeing for the first time. This is cool in someways and odd in others. I suppose I totally misread the previews for this feature. I was looking forward to making a deck using certain guidelines or using a premade deck of cards I was more familiar with. At any rate, it was still fun. I have to say if you get Ragnaros you might have a slight advantage.

Taven Brawl menu

Main menu, now includes the Tavern Brawl option.

To start a Tavern Brawl you simply need to have a level 20 hero, then click on the Tavern Brawl button from the main menu.

Ragnaros vs Nefarian TB

Week 1 matchup: Nefarian vs Ragnaros.

You will either be in control of Nefarian or Ragnaros with a set of premade decks. There are many new cards added for this challenge. In my opinion, if you have Ragnaros, you have a slight advantage. Especially later on in the game when your hero power changes to “deal 8 damage to a random character”. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Smashed Nefarian

Nefarian goes down again.

It was a little nerve wracking, with a free pack of cards on the line. Both decks were stocked with high caliber minions, spells, and even legendary cards.

Victory in TB

Victory. Much better than defeat.

Bonus: The win counts as part as any other PvP match!

Free Pack Reward

Free pack reward.

To the victor goes the spoils. One shiny new pack of original Hearthstone cards!

King Mukla in my free pack!

King Mukla in the hizzous!

I was pleased to see a legendary card pop up in my free deck. While I would never have made Mukla, I will try him out in my rogue/druid mill deck. Who doesn’t like bananas?

One game, one win

The first round of Tavern Brawls ends in 4 days, so get your brawl on!

I was lucky to 1-shot my first brawl and snag my free pack. Not sure if I will venture into it again this week. Maybe just for giggles.

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