What was the hardest mount you worked for?

I’ve ground out a few mounts in my day, playing Warcraft. I’ve done What a long strange trip it’s been on three different characters. I found and captured the Time Lost Proto Drake. I even did the quest for the paladin charger way back when that was in. Those were all easy compared to this one mount in particular.


Moneytalks rides the Violet Proto Drake in Shattrath city, Outland.

It’s actually a tie, now that I think about it. Getting my first Netherdrake was a real pain. It was a grind. It was totally worth it. I don’t remember how many weeks it was. 5 maybe. 6? It’s not the length of time to me, it’s the process. It was fun at times. This is why it’s a tie.


Toxxic works to grind out reputation with the Netherwing. He is one of my most prolific procurers of mounts.

The hardest I probably worked to get a mount in Warcraft is the Azure Water Strider. Keep in mind, I love fishing. I got the Salty title back in Wrath, which means I won one of the fishing tournaments. OK, that was 99% luck, 1% strategy. Still, I persevered. Grinding out exalted status with the Anglers for me, was an exercise in patience and will. It was very boring. Now, I am an altoholic, prolifically so. Which means things that most people consider tedious are routine for me.


I still don’t have exalted status with Nat Pagel, which I should go back and do. I want my fishing chair.

So what mount did you work really hard for, whether by the number of attempts or grinding out reputation with a particular faction? Feel free to tell me in the comments below!

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One Response to What was the hardest mount you worked for?

  1. The farming of Ashes. Got it on the 200th kill.

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