Card of the week: Imp Master

This week I am featuring the Imp Master. The Imp Master is a rare card from the original expert card packs.

At it’s base, it is a 1/5 neutral minion with a mana cost of 3. At the end of each turn, 1 damage is done to the Imp Master and she summons a 1/1 Imp. This creates some interesting synergy with multiple decks.

Imp Master

The Strategy: The Imp master has many strategies and can fit into many decks/classes and has a lot of cards to accent it. One of my favorites is to pair it with the Knife Juggler or Raid Leader, to buff up those 1/1 minions. Since, it basically damages itself at the end of the turn, you can either heal it or if playing a warrior buff it with Rampage. You can just plain buff it and have it stay around a lot longer. It will usually draw a lot of attention and may be subject to a silence. Which can be a good way to flush a silence out. Fits really good in warrior decks because of all the damage to minions synergy. Paladin decks because of all the buffs. Works well with priest decks because of buffs and heals. Of course it works great in warlock decks with demon synergy.

Imp master and friends jam

Cards that accent it: As, I said, my favorites are listed above, but I will bullet point some more:

  • Avenge– This paladin secret works well with The Imp master. You especially if they kill on of your 1/1 Imps first. This then gives a random player +3/+2.
  • Blessing of Might/Blessing of Kings. Always good to have minions out so you can buff them.
  • Power Word Shield– Great to give the Imp Master 2 more health.
  • Velen’s Chosen– This buff spell works great on any minion.
  • Power Overwhelming– Place this buff on a demon and turn it into a 5/5 powerhouse to take out a minion or do that last bit of damage.
  • Mal’Ganis– Works well with all demons.
  • Frothing Berserker– This minion will benefit every round for the Imp Master taking damage and also if your Imps will be damaging other minions.
  • Rampage– Give a +3/+3 buff to any damage minion.
  • Voodoo Doctor– This minion can heal up the Imp Master.
  • Earthen Ring Farseer– This minion can heal up the Imp Master.
  • Flesheating Ghoul– Every time a minion dies, he gets +1 attack.
  • Cult Master– Works good with minions dying. If it can stay on the board long enough.
  • Darkscale Healer– +2 health to all minions.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of cards the Imp Master can work with.

How to acquire: Simply purchased in original Hearthstone expert packs or created for 100 dust.

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