What was your first musical record?

My first actual record was the soundtrack for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Pretty interesting, it’s basically the movie on a record. Full dialog and everything. This is what happens when a 10-11 year old has some Christmas money and decides to spend it! My sister set me right and bought me the current album of my favorite band at the time, Styx: Kilroy Was Here.

Mr. Roboto- (video pictured above) I still get the feels when I hear the synthesizers playing and know what’s coming. The signature hit and stage-setter for the album. I remember having my first Walkman (or knock off) and listening to Mr. Roboto. It was magical.

Cold War– Styx had an interesting dynamic in that they had 3 songwriters and 3 singers. Usually the songwriter sung their own songs. I expect this added to a lot of friction. Tommy Shaw sang this one. Tommy was actually my favorite singer, but Dennis and JY were like 1a and 1b really.

Don’t let it end– This song is the “fluffy feel-good” anthem of the concept album. I learned a lot from Styx, my first Japanese. What the heck was a “concept album”. They were pretty popular in the 80s. Dennis always had a theatrical side to his songs/videos.

High time– Kind of like “Don’t let it end” this song is a motivational speech to get the people to rally against the powers that be. This tune is also voiced by Dennis.

Heavy metal poisoning– The first of James “JY” Young’s songs. Gritty and a little raw. Guitar driven. Dark vocals. I love it.

Just get through this night– Tommy Shaw is up again on this track. I love how this song starts out with the sounds of a classic eastern song (shamisen), then western electronics meld with it. Finally Tommy’s angelic voice plays over. Powerful and emotional.

Double life– JY again in this tale of schizophrenia and duplicity. One of my favorite songs from this wonderful album. Reminds me a lot of Snowblind.

Haven’t we been here before– Tommy’s third and probably best song off Kilroy was here. I remember when this video debuted on “Friday Night Videos” how excited I was. I’ve been singing it for months in my room. When no one was home of course!

Don’t let it end (reprise)– When this song hits, it’s just a gentle reminder that the album is pretty much over. Being that it was a record, it meant that I had to get up and flip the record over to listen to it again. Which I would. Many, many times.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. Please, feel free to list your first record (or CD if you never owned vinyl) in the comments down under!


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