Which expansion broke you from your routine?

My altoholism™ is well documented on these pages and on other WoW related forums. It started when I first started playing back in January of 2009. I suppose part of it is fueled by other RPGs where you got to control more than one character. Or it could be my curious nature. Either way, Wrath of the Lich King was pretty alt friendly.

In Cataclysm, I continued my evil ways. My army of alts even chipped in to making a good deal of coin. I partook in PvP on at least two different toons (hunter and mage). Life was pretty good. By the end of the expansion I had leveled almost every class to max level. I was eagerly waiting for Mists of Pandaria to launch so I could roll a pandaren monk and eventually get 1 of every class to max level.

I was in for a little dose of reality. Questing was a big grind (overreaction to how quick most folks leveled in Cata). There was a lot to do at max level. Oh, and the dailies! (another overreaction) I found myself swimming in content with no direction. I was torn. I wanted to level my alts but it was really not fun for me, for the first time in my Warcraft gaming experience. I had to listen to the pandaren–slow down and rethink my plan for this expansion. I adapted, and eventually leveled my alts slowly, mostly on pet battles and some daily quests. My routine was broken. Eventually, I would even learn to say “fuck it” and not feel compelled to log in every day (after I made my Sky Golem of course!). I didn’t care about profession cooldowns, the farm, or even looting my present for Blingtron.


Ever take a screenshot and you have no recollection of the details? Yeah, me too!

This carried over to the current expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Some days I don’t feel like logging on, so I don’t. No regrets. Zero fucks given. I am even looking forward to my first real break from the game. Still not sure if I will “stick to my guns”, but I am planning on taking 2 months off, and not coming back until Brewfest in mid to late September. I’m sure I will play on my trial account and plenty of Hearthstone.

So was there a particular expansion that broke you from your Warcraft routine or do you still log in ever day if only to get a few things done? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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