What are you favorite cards from Blackrock Mountain?

The Curse of Naxxramas solo adventurer and the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion brought us some really good cards. While, I don’t think Blackrock Mountain has the same depth, I do think there are some special cards among them.

Blackrock Mountain Cleared

Have you cleared Blackrock Mountain yet?

Grim Patron– This 3/3 minion is probably one of my favorite cards. It’s super crazy in a warrior deck.

Axe Flinger– A 2/5 warrior minion that does 2 points of damage to the enemy hero every time damage is done to it. You can see the possibilities.

Flamewaker– Currently playing a mage deck built around this card. I love it.

Gang Up– This rogue card is pretty compelling. Especially if you build a deck around a certain card.

Dragonkin Sorcerer– This neutral minion has a lot of upside. Best suited for classes with lots of buff spells, such as druids, priests and paladins. Oddly enough, it also fits in with mechs that give Spare Parts.

Thaurissan legendary Reward

A legendary reward awaits.

Emperor Thaurissan– By far, the most used card out of BRM. It fits in any deck really. Especially nice when you have  a handful of cards and it stays on the board for a couple turns. This legendary minion has a lot of value for 6 mana.

If you haven’t played through Blackrock Mountain yet, now is a good time. These cards are definitely worth playing for!



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