Forgotten Tracks: Traveling Wilburys

Hearing “Handle with care” on the radio the other day and I was immediately transported back to my late teens/early 20s when the song came out. It’s very rare that mega stars get together and celebrate all that is good with music. It comes through in their songs. The Traveling Wilburys started out with: Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne.

Handle with care- (pictured above) The first song the Wilburys released. A folksy-force of nature that captures the essence of this laid back collaboration.

Margarita– Is it about the drink or a woman–or both? Who cares!?! Great song.

Inside out– One of the things I love about the Wilburys is the sheer lightheartedness of the songs. It bordered on nonsense, but that was the genius of it.

Tweeter and the monkey man– I don’t know where they got the stories they spun, but they were quite interesting. Bob Dylan had to be close to the top of his game when he came up with this one. I would have loved to sit on just one of their jam sessions.

She’s my baby– Jeff Lynne headlines this peppy little number.

Dirty world– Love the percussion on this song, and pretty much all the Wilburys’ songs. Classic Jeff Lynne drum tracks. Dylan, never known for his vocals, shines.

Last night– Another crazy tale about shenanigans and hijinks. Beautifully told by this rock supergroup. The video says it all really.

Heading for the light– George Harrison leads off this tune about fighting through your troubles and focusing on better days and the prospect of the future.

Rattled– Jeff Lynne kind of “ripping himself off” from his ELO days (Hold on tight to your dreams). Of course, it’s Wilburied up with a little help from his friends!

Runaway– I absolutely love the original done by Del Shannon, and the Wilburys cover is not a let down. Just an amazing tribute to the original.

Wilbury twist– Probably never will be another collaboration like this. Pure joy is what I feel when I listen to these songs, and Wilbury Twist might be the one that sums it all up.

Not alone anymore– One of my favorite songs. Roy Orbison’s voice is so beautifully haunting. The rest of the band kind of “gets out of the way” and accents it perfectly.

End of the line– A fitting song to end with. I love how the band handled the passing of Roy Orbison by putting his guitar in a rocking chair and showing his picture when his vocal played.

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