Warcraft’s latest trick: Addicted to gold!

That’s right. Not sure if this was their grand design or just a side effect of inundating the game with ways to make gold. Since the start of Warlords, I have been making it, like many others, relatively easily. However, since the implementation of the “Token”, I have been concentrating on it more and more.

Substitute “love” for “gold” and we got a theme song!

I mean, why play for money, when you can simply play for in-game gold? It’s kind of a no-brainer right? I’ve always had more than average gold. Having my own harem of alts with full professions trained, I’ve always been able to make money here and there. In Warlords, I hardly have touched my professions. I dabbled in engineering, then I quickly replaced all that I made with gear from garrison missions.

Most days, I just log in and go through a few toons and set missions. Chat a little in guild and with BattleTag friends, and log off. I had this side-project: I was going to level a character purely for gold, to see how much I could get and how long it took. I’m still kind of doing that, but it’s taking me longer than I thought it would.

Going for gold

Still going for gold!

I got distracted by gold. I’m not doing anything in particular. Just leveling alts and setting missions. I’m back on the treasure hunter thing. Frankly, I think you need them now more than ever. I had a 750 gold mission the other day that I was able to turn into 3000g all because I had the right treasure hunter followers. Even after the nerf, missions are still the way to go.

I altered my plan. I am now working on a character I pushed to the side and was thinking about deleting. Not sure where I will go next, I have a hunter on the same server, I have a horde toon on another. Either way, unless something drastic happens, I will likely be chasing gold until the gold runs dry!

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