The Ultimate summer playlist: Volume 1

Summer is in full swing in the big city and I have the urge to listen to Belinda Carlisle. So I figured I would work it into a list. Most songs will have a literal connection, but some just remind me of summer; hanging out with friends. Let’s see what memories we can stir up.

Boys of summer– Don Henley hits you right in the feels as he sings about the literal and figurative aspects of summer ending. One of my favorite songs of any season.

Summer rain– The aforementioned Belinda Carlisle sings about summer love. I admit, I listened to this a lot back in my late teens/early 20s. Guilty as charged!

Cruel cruel summer– It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t put this Bananarama song into the mix. Love it or hate it, you have probably heard it many times if you are in the 30-50 demographic. This might have been in the Karate Kid soundtrack.

Summer of 69– You can debate whether this song is named for the year or something a little more intimate, but you can’t argue that this song fits my list to a T!

Hot fun in the summertime– Sly and the Family Stone, yeah! You can’t have summer without this song. You just can’t!

Suddenly last summer– The dulcet tones of Martha Davis and the gentle sounds of the keyboard bring me right back to my childhood when this song starts. The same thing happens with “Only the lonely can play“.

Walking on sunshine– This Katrina & the Waves song reminds me of my youth and watching music videos, which I did a lot in the summer. Especially the year this new station popped up and played nothing but videos for a couple months. It was great!

Summersong– A lot of Joe Satriani’s songs remind me of summer. Whether it was “Always with me, always with you” or “Flying in a blue dream“. It’s possible this song was used in a promo for the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Sufin’ USA– Could you have a summer playlist and not include the Beach Boys? I personally don’t like the band, but I can’t deny their place in rock. It does reek of summer.

School’s out– I couldn’t make this list and leave this Alice Cooper classic off it.

Summertime Blues– A classic summertime rock and roll song!

In the summertime– Mungo Jerry sings this classic and iconic blast from the past. You might have heard it a few times since it’s debut in 1970.

Summer nights– Almost forgot about this classic song from the Grease soundtrack. How could I forget? I had a huge crush on Olivia Newton John and my sister had the album!

Endless summer nights– Richard Marx had a few “summertime” hits, none bigger than this one, which is also appropriately named.

Margaritaville– Whether you are “wasting away” on a beach or enjoying a “Cheeseburger in Paradise” or just stuck in traffic–this song has a summer flavor all it’s own!

This concludes Volume 1. Stay tuned for Volume 2 (or 3, if I pull a Wilburys).




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