Brawl of the week: Heart of the Sunwell

This week’s Brawl is another good one. No mana curve! You get to create a deck just for this occasion. First I thought about stuffing my deck full of high cost minions, but then I thought direct damage/aggro would be the way to go. So I made a hunter deck and went to work!

Hearthstone Screenshot 07-22-15 12.11.19

Start each game with 10 mana in the Heart of the Sunwell!

Starting out with 10 mana was fun. I can’t remember the exact battle, but I’m pretty sure we had this in Naxx or Blackrock Mountain. I forgot how quickly I would go through cards.

Opener HotS

Opening hand vs another hunter.

My first match was vs another hunter. I think I got a good draw. What do you think?

I'm the better hunter!

I am the better (luckier) hunter!

Yeah. I put King Krush into my deck. Well, I put him into all of my hunter decks. Wouldn’t you? Popped him with a couple Quick Shots for the win!

Free and easy!

Never get tired of the free pack!

So that is it for this week’s Brawl of the week. It’s very fun and looks like one I will be playing all week. See you next Wednesday!

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