The Grand Tournament is next Hearthstone expansion

Welcome to The Grand Tournament! Kind of a spinoff of the Argent Tournament we know and love from Warcraft. This one goes to 11 though!

The Grand Tournament

The Grand Tournament!

The news broke Wednesday from the Foundry in San Francisco. We got to see a preview of some of the new cards, spells, and a new mechanic that may very well change the way we play the game going forward. Here is a quick summary:

  • 132 new cards
  • New Tournament board
  • Inspiration is a new card mechanic that has synergy with your hero power
  • Presale starts next week
  • Expansion set to launch in August
  • Arena reward update (will be able to get either an original, GvG, or Grand Tournament card pack)

The presale includes 50 Grand Tournament card packs and an exclusive card back for $49.99 USD. You will be able to pre-purchase the card packs until the launch of The Grand Tournament in August.

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