Card of the week: Faceless Manipulator

This week’s featured card is a bit of an equalizer. With all the legendary cards flying around, you can have one too! You can have two, too!

Hearthstone Screenshot 07-24-15 13.09.05

The Faceless Manipulator will steal your hopes and dreams.

The Faceless Manipulator is a 3/3 epic minion for 5 mana, who’s Battlecry lets you copy any minion on the board. This card could be a game changer. Especially if you have a removal for you opponents card.

The strategy: Pretty simple. Hold on to this card until you see something juicy to copy. Sometimes need will dictate you have to use it on a lesser card or Taunt to save your skin. I’ve gotten some nice legendaries with it. It can also be used to “double down” on your own legendary, provided it stays on the board for another turn. Nothing like having dual Ragnaros on the board at the same time.

dual rags lethal

Double your pleasure!

Cards that accent it: Whether you are building a deck full of legendaries or trying to counter them, the Faceless Manipulator works with everything. I’m kind of partial to Ragnaros, but feel free to copy whatever you can!

Bonus strategy: If you play a mage deck, you might know about Duplicate and Mirror Entity. These cards can be used to steal or copy legendary cards as well. Then there is Echo of Medivh which makes a copy of every friendly minion on the board. There is a flip-side, especially if your opponent is a mage.

Quad Rags killing me

Getting a taste of my own medicine, and then some!

Another great card to copy is anything with Charge, as you get to use it the turn you copy it. Obviously you don’t want to use it on a Stonetusk Boar or Wolfrider, unless it will give you the win. Argent Commander, Leeroy, or Reckless Rocketeer are some nice choices.

How to acquire: Faceless Manipulator can be found in Original Hearthstone packs or crafted for 400 dusts.

That’s it for this week. Go out and steal some legendaries! See you next Friday.

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