Imagine: Mount buffs

So I was riding through the ‘forge on my latest character and I saw someone on the Swift Zulian Tiger. I was like ‘yeah, that is cool’. Then I thought, why don’t mounts give us buffs? That would be a cool way to spice things up, especially if they want to keep us grounded in new expansions longer.


The Water Striders are one of the mounts that already come with their own buff.

There already is a precedent for this with the Azure Water Strider which gives you water walking or the Sea Turtle which buffs your “swim” speed. So why not take it further? Especially if we are going to spend the majority of the time on ground mounts in new expansions.

The buffs:

Speed– Simply buffing speed by X percent. Who doesn’t like to go faster?

Avoidance– A % to avoid mobs attacking you. Comes in handy when exploring.

Damage resistance– Certain mounts could protect you from damage. Bigger mounts such as Elekks or Kodos would be ideal for this buff.

Gathering– This would require a little more attention but, imagine certain mounts letting you gather! The Sky Golem already lets you gather herbs, why not extend this to other mounts as well?

Hovering– Like water walking, this would let you glide over the terrain even if it is say lava. Think of it as a priest with Levitate. If you jump off something you would glide down slowly until you reached a surface.

Stealth– Would give a player X% reduce chance of being detected. Night Elf sabers would be a great candidate for that. Kind of like hunter pets who spring out of the shadows.

Stat buffs– Some mounts would buff your stats for a period of time after riding one. It would obviously have a limited duration. Say 10-20 minutes.

Swim speed/Waterbreathing– There are enough turtles in the game to implement this.

Jumping– With the raised focus on jumping puzzles, why not a mount that helps you jump a little? Bird mounts seem ideal for this.

These are only a few ideas of course. Blizzard could come up with many more fun things to buff us with as we travel on our wonderful ground mounts!


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