Brady making a mistake by going to court?

I like Tom Brady. I think this whole deflate gate thing is kind of silly. I wrote about that back in January. I don’t think deflating or inflating a football can help you throw it much farther or much more accurately. It may give you confidence, which can’t be measured with any known instrument.

Tom Brady has thrown the football well through wind, sleet, rain, and snow. Do you really think it was because the ball was a little lighter? I’m not sure a lighter ball would cut through the wind. It might be a little better in the rain and snow. It’s not going to make his receivers be in the right spot or catch better.

If you are a fan of football, you probably already know this.

That’s not the issue though. Personal feelings aside. The balls were altered. They were caught red handed. This is a fact. To me, the issue is the cover up. For some reason Brady did not want to fully cooperate and hand over his phone. Instead of taking his punishment like a good boy, he decided to fight the ruling and seek and appeal. After the penalty was upheld, he now wants to take it to court where: his phone records could become public. Maybe he thinks his lawyers are really great, or maybe he already sought out the best geeks to wipe his phone clean and get rid of all the evidence.

This seems to be going beyond his reputation though. This seems to be more than vanity. It makes me want to know what was on that phone. Kind of like Tom Cruise badgering Jack Nicholson to tell him the truth. Perhaps, we can’t handle the truth. What dark, dirty secrets did Tom have on his cell phone? We may never know. I do know that legally, the court will have a right to find out, and if they can, all your skeletons will come out. Unless Brady thinks he can plea in court and have the documents sealed as a part of the bargain. Either way, he already lost in the court of public opinion.

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