What are your expectations for yearly expansions?

With the announcement of the next Warcraft expansion coming on August 6th, it could possibly be the start of annual expansions for Warcraft. Something that the developers have talked about for years and years, possibly coming to fruition. So what do you expect from this new deployment?

blizzard gamescom announcement

If Warlords of Draenor is the new model for yearly expansions, I think it’s both hit and miss. The questing/leveling has been some of the best since Wrath, perhaps even better. Garrisons are pretty fun, if not a little addicting. Unfortunately for me, I have done little else. This is at least partially my fault. We can probably get used to not having more 5 man dungeons added during a shorter expansion, there probably won’t be a “catchup mechanic” either for players who did not start at launch.

If the price stays what it is now, (currently $50 USD) is this enough content for you? Warlords has been looked at as one of the lightest expansions on content, even passing up Cataclysm for that title.

If the quantity is going to be lessened, then I want more quality for my money, or a reduced price. Or both. My fear is that with a quicker development cycle we will lose both quantity and quality. At any rate, my expectations are this:

  • Engaging questing (cut the filler, just give me relevant story)
  • Smart and efficient reputation (perhaps even account wide)
  • Fun PvP (I know this is subjective, my example would be Wintergrasp)
  • At least 1 major quest hub for max level
  • Return to ‘normal’ crafting
  • Transmog rules loosened

In addition to the normal fun things such as Pet Battles/collecting, achievements, exploration, etc.

So what are your expectations for the new expansion? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

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