Forgotten tracks: Joe Satriani

You may not know him by name, but you probably have heard his guitar. Soaring through the air, conquering space and time. Okay, more likely on Sunday sports highlights on your local news station. Joe Satriani is a virtuoso guitar legend and a prolific uplifter of spirits. He enjoyed a good amount of popularity on rock stations in the late 80s and into the mid 90s. Every now and then you might hear one of his songs.

Flying in a blue dream- This song was responsible for me naming my softball team, “The Flying Blue Dawgs”. The rest of the team liked it so much, the co-captain changed it to “Beernuts” and took full control over the team next season. The song is pretty great though, and the title of Satriani’s 2nd album.

Surfing with the alien– The title track and probably most popular song.

Friends– I forgot how much I loved this song until I put it on to do this list. I must admit, I made a few “mix tapes” with this song on it.

Always with me, always with you– This was my first experience with Joe Satriani. I heard this on a local station a few times before I finally found out who it was. Shortly after, I ‘discovered’ the delight that was BMG music and bought “Surfing with the Alien”. The rest is pretty much history. Great song. Still get feels when I hear it played.

Can’t slow down– Great car driving song (as long as you don’t go over the speed limit). Satriani adds his gritty vocals to the song, which is one of my favorites.

Summer song– A great anthem for being alive. Signature ‘Satch’ coming in groovy, letting you know he will be here for a while. Sit down, have a drink or two!

Circles– Satriani proves time and time again, he’s not just a ‘shredder’. He goes for melody and hooks too. Sometimes lulls you to sleep and then explodes. This is one of those songs.

I believe– Another song featuring ‘Satch’ on vocals, proving once again, he is more than just a virtuoso. Perhaps one of his most complete songs.

The forgotten part 2– Kind of a grown up version of “always with me, always with you”. A little richer and more mature?

Cryin’– A beautiful love song–with no words. Just Joe making love with his guitar. I’m not even playing.

One Big Rush– This is a really cool, groovy, and just fun song. This song could fit on any of his albums. It’s signature ‘Satch’ from start to finish.

Home– This song will take you there. Help you think of the best times. Takes me back to the first time I left on my own and came back to town.

Big bad moon– Joe takes you to Texas for a little southern style rock. I think he hung out a little with Stevie Ray and ZZ Top before coming up with this one šŸ˜‰

The Feeling– How many great guitarists can pick up a banjo and go to town on it? I don’t know the answer but this is just crazy.

Day at the beach (New rays from an ancient sun)– ‘Satch’ gets technical and melodic on this great song.

Mountain song– Classic Satriani. Taking you up hill, over a river, but we’re not going to grandma’s. No. Welcome to grove town!

Rubina’s blue sky happiness– Where have we heard banjo before? He does it again! This time he incorporates it into a full song.

Moroccan sunset– Joe goes international on us. I love the flavor of this song. ‘Satch’ brings us Morocco like few else can.

Oriental melody– ‘Satch’ takes us on another journey. This time it’s somewhere between Tokyo and Jupiter. He blasts off into a space we might never have been, until now.

Sittin’ ’round– A nice little rhythm and blues track. ‘Satch’ style of course. So grab a cold glass of lemonade and sit out on the porch. Enjoy!

20 songs in, I know I am leaving so many good ones out. If you like guitar, and don’t own any Joe Satriani albums, I hope this will push you in that direction. I hope you have enjoyed this journey through space and time. I had a blast!



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