Brawl of the week: The Masked Ball

This week’s Tavern Brawl is: The Masked Ball. When a minion dies, it reveals it’s “true self”, costing (2) less and being ready to fight. You start out by making a custom deck for this brawl from your own cards.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-05-15 12.36.25

Welcome to The Masked Ball!

I chose to go with a rogue deck. I loaded up on direct damage and some control spells. I don’t think my deck was that great, nor was it particularly good for this match. Once your minion is down it gets a Deathrattle placed on it. The Deathrattle “reveals” the card’s “true self”.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-05-15 12.52.28

Victory at the Masked Ball!

The one good thing I did do, is make the deck more of a quick-strike deck. Which was good, because my opponent was playing for a bigger payday. Luck of the draw again for me as I win my first match!

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-05-15 12.52.41

A free pack is a good pack.

I think for my next deck I am going to load up on taunts and heal cards and see what happens. That’s it for this week’s brawl. Hope you have fun with it. See you next week!

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