Card of the week: Raid leader

This week’s card of the week is the Raid Leader. A straight up +1 attack buff to all your friendly minions.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-08-15 15.33.50

The raid leader is a 2/2 minion that gives a flat +2 attack to all friendly minions. He is a staple in Aggro decks, built to hit fast with lots of low cost minions.

The strategy: Once you get a few minions on the board, plop him down and go to work on your opponent. Timing is key, especially if you want to keep him around for a few rounds. He is also good for moving your 3 attack minions into the 4 attack “safe zone” from priests. One thing you want to be wary of is AoE attacks like Consecration and Holy Nova. A well timed Raid Leader can swing the momentum in your favor or even help end the game.

Cards that accent it: Pretty much every minion. I will highlight a few of my favorites though:

  • Nerubian Egg– Great for cards that have 0 attack. +1 to attack and now you can deal damage and/or attempt to crack the egg and release the 4/4 minion!
  • Imp Master– This card spawns 1/1 Demons. 2/1 Demons are much better!
  • Faerie Dragon– This 3/2 minion cannot be targeted by spells, but it can be buffed by other minions. Raid Leader puts it in that 4 attack “safe zone” from priests.
  • Sen’jin Shieldmasta– The +1 attack makes your Taunt a 4/5 and potentially protects it from easy priest removals. It also means your opponent will take 1 more crucial damage if they attack it with a minion.
  • Violet Teacher– She spawns 1/1 Apprentices whenever you cast a spell.
  • Sludge Belcher– Just like the Shieldmasta, this card can benefit from having 4 attack.
  • Any card with Charge or Windfury- Great for boosting those Charge minions. Their damage is immediate so your opponent will be helpless.
  • Class specific cards that spawn multiple minions- There are many cards such as Unleash the Hounds or Imp-losion. Especially great for UtH as those minions have Charge.

Bonus play: As I said earlier, Raid Leader is nice for minions with 0 attack. Especially great if you are playing a shaman because most totems do not have an attack. Works good in paladin decks because their hero power spawns a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit.

How to acquire: The Raid Leader is a basic neutral card, so once you get a hero to 20, it will be unlocked!

So go ahead and put Raid Leaders in your deck. It fits especially well with this week’s Tavern Brawl: The Masked Ball, as you will be getting lots of random minions, many of which will have 0 or 1 attack. See you next week!

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