Back to basics: The Great Summoner Competition

So you want to try out Tavern Brawls, but you are intimidated by not having a lot of fancy cards? Let me help you out with that. I will build a couple decks you can easily make with the basic cards you unlock by level 20. I will even throw some additions you can make once you get them. (This week’s Brawl: The Great Summoner Competition)

Creating a Mage brawl deck

Choose your hero and create a deck for the Great Summoner Competition!

I went with the mage first because, if you have a level 20 hero, good chances it’s a mage right? They also have the most spells. I included 18 of them. Since the minion you summon directly corresponds to the mana or your spell, you want to vary them up. However, since we are using basic cards, I included all the mage spells!

Great Summoner Mage deck

Basic Mage deck for the Great Summoner Competition.

1 mana- Arcane Missiles: Send 3 bolts of arcane power through the air that will do 1 damage to a random enemy. This can be pumped up with each + to spell damage.

Mirror Image: Summons 2 0/2 minions with Taunt.

2 mana- Arcane Explosion: Deal 1 damage to all enemy minions. Great to take out a pesky band of 1 stamina minions, or hang on to it until you can pump up your spell damage.

Frostbolt: One of my favorite HS mage spells. I like to use it on my opponent’s hero, but more often than not, this card is an enforcer.

3 mana- Arcane Intellect: Usually try to get my card draws with minions, but this week’s Brawl will summon you a minion and put 2 cards in your deck!

Frost Nova: This is a great card that will frustrate your opponent. I would swap it out with Cone of Cold once you get it though.

Shattered Sun Cleric: This 3/2 minion can buff another minion for +1/+1.

Wolfrider: 3 points of quick damage. If you are really lucky, you might be able to stick around.

4 mana- Fireball: 6 points of damage to the face! Unless you need to take out a nasty minion.

Polymorph: Try and save this card for those higher cost minions who do lots of damage.

Ogre Magi: A nice card for 4 mana. I would swap this out with Azure Drake when possible.

Sen’jin Shieldmasta: Nothing fancy here, 3/5 minion with Taunt.

Water Elemental: Great card that can lock down your opponent from using a weapon or stop an enemy minion from doing damage.

6 mana- Reckless Rocketeer: A 5/2 minion with Charge. Once you get Blizzard, you can swap this card out if you like.

7 mana- Flamestrike: Do 4 damage to all enemy minions.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-12-15 20.15.21

Cleared the board with a Flamestrike and the good Archmage Antonidas was kind enough to drop in!

This deck gives you a good balance of direct damage, protection, control, and quick damage. It should allow you to be pretty competitive in The great Summoner Competition!

Summoner Priest

Basic Priest deck for the Great Summoner Competition.

For my other deck, I went with the priest. They have a good amount of spells as well.

1 mana- Holy Smite: A quick 2 points of damage that can be used on a minion or the enemy hero.

Mind Vision: Put a copy of a card from your opponents hand.

Northshire Cleric: A 1/3 minion that allows you to draw a card when a minion is healed.

2 mana- Divine Spirit– Doubles a minion’s health. Works great with Inner Fire, once you get that spell.

Mind Blast: One of the nicest 2 mana spells in the game. 5 damage to your enemy hero’s face and summon a 2-cost minion. Not bad at all.

Shadow Word: Pain: Destroy a minion with 3 attack or less.

Kobold Geomancer: A 2/2 minion with +1 Spell Damage.

3 mana- Shadow Word: Death: Destroy a minion with 5 attack or more.

Raid Leader: Kind of a placeholder card. I would replace this with Thoughtsteal once you get it. If you like Shattered Sun Cleric, feel free to use that instead.

4 mana- Ogre Magi: A 4/4 minion with +1 to Spell Damage. Switch with Azure Drake if you have it.

Sen’jin Shieldmasta: A 3/5 minion with Taunt.

5 mana- Holy Nova: Do 2 damage to all enemy characters. Can be boosted with + to Spell Damage.

Booty Bay Bodyguard: A bit of brawn with this 5/4 minion with Taunt.

Frostwolf Warlord: The hope is that you will have a few minions on board when you play this card. It should give you some much needed brawn in the back end of the game.

10 mana- Mind Control: The hated priest card. Not only will this let you take your opponent’s best card, in the Summoner Competition, it will spawn a 10 mana minion.

You will take your lumps, but you will dish them out as well. If you start playing Naxx, you can open up a lot of good cards. Hopefully this will be a little fun for you as you go for your free pack. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to Back to basics: The Great Summoner Competition

  1. Dobablo says:

    I am convinced that Lorewalker Cho has an increased chance of spawning in this brawl. Out of all the potential 2 drops he seems to crop up and cause major crazy the most frequently.

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