What to watch for: Bears vs Dolphins

Tonight’s the night! NFL football returns to many of the NFL cities. The Miami Dolphins bring their talent to Chicago in a mid-August exhibition game. Boring to the casual fan, delicious to the NFL geek who consumes just about all of preseason football. A must if you want to dominate your fantasy football league.

So what should we look for?

Jay Cutler continues to be the lead story in another new Bears campaign. His 5th offensive coordinator since he joined the Bears in 2009. Adam Gase is the latest coordinator who will try to harness Cutler’s raw power. The #1 offense will likely play 1-2 series, depending on number of snaps they see. Ideally, they should play the whole quarter. It depends on how efficient they can be. If they go on a 8+ play drive and end with a score, that might be it. If Miami holds on to the ball for most of the quarter, the Bears offense might not get many snaps.

Linebackers– Since they switched over from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 defense, a lot of focus will be on linebacker play. Veteran defensive end Jared Allen will now be a stand up outside linebacker in this defense. Shea McClellin will be an inside linebacker and be the “QB” of the defense–putting guys in place and calling out the plays. Seeing how the new guys fit in with the old guys, and who will emerge as capable pass rushers will be interesting.

Backups– We will get to see a lot of the #2 and #3 units on the field. Backup QBs, running backs, wide receivers, and special teamers.

The real competition will be in games 2 and 3. For now, we get just a little taste and see what kind of talent the team has next to another NFL team.

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