What is your favorite pet?

Whether it is a hunter pet, Battle Pet or non-combat pet–Warcraft has them all and in volume!


Thaylen chillin’ in the Exodar with Gojira.

As someone who plays a hunter a lot of the time, this is a true dilemma for me. My two favorite hunter pets would be either Gojira (pictured) or a lovely Sea Turtle tamed in Tanris, Coroná.

However, Battle Pets bring a whole other collection of pets into the fold.


Zixxou takes on Frostsaber with his mechanical team of: Domo Arigato, M R Roboto, Domo Domo!

Even as a hunter, a lot of times I dismiss my pet so they don’t get in the way, especially in a city. There is probably only a handful of pets I summon to be companions…

Shaka and Egbert

Egbert is one of my favorite Battle Pets of all time. Summon him up and he will amaze you with this ability to scamper off with reckless abandon. Doesn’t fear falling off a ledge or running headlong into a pack of elite mobs! He has no fear. He will always come back to you with those big eyes and a huge grin on my face. Egbert wins the day!

So what is your favorite hunter, Battle, or non-combat pet? Feel free to let me know in the space down under!

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2 Responses to What is your favorite pet?

  1. GwendlynD says:

    Otter ofc! .. Ok maybe the Baby Blizzard polar bear that still holds a place in my heart because of it’s ability to act as our guild mascot on fights we needed to beat.
    *Remembers wipe on Hodir* ” OK everyone get your Blizz bears out!” — sounds daft..it still works 😛

  2. vittorpia says:

    My favorite Hunter pet of all time are the raptors, but just any raptor…

    I’m fascinated by the indigo color ones can be found in Zul’Drak in Northrend.

    As for the non-combat pets my vote goes to Murky, the original. He’s simply fantastic.

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