Brawl of the week: The Grand Tournament Match

This week’s Brawl is: The Grand Tournament Match which features many of the new cards in the upcoming expansion: The Grand Tournament! It also uses the new board for the expansion.

Grand Tournament Match

The Grand Tournament Match.

You start off as either Medivh or Alleria Windrunner, which is cool because you can check those new heroes out and see if you want to buy them. The one thing I found wonky was that you get all kinds of class cards. The hunter I went up against had a paladin secret. I’m not sure if they drew it or if it came from one of the cards.

Opening hand

Opening hand.

A small glimpse of what kind of cards to expect. Boneguard Lieutenant seems OP as hell. Threw him down with the coin on my first turn, on my second turn, gave him +1 health. Which going up vs a hunter is nice. It puts you over the 2 damage “danger zone” for exploding trap.

New board

The new Grand Tournament board.

The new board reminds me more of a carnival and less of the Argent Tournament–not sure if that’s what they were going for. Each hero also has cards that feature the Joust mechanic or Inspire mechanic.

Victory at the Grand Tournament

Medivh is victorious.

Medivh was just too much for Alleria this time around. Overall, it was pretty fun. I like the new Inspire mechanic. I think it’s much better than the Joust mechanic, which ultimately led to my victory.

So go jump on in and try out the new cards, heroes, and mechanics. You also earn credit for dailies and earn a free pack of Original Hearthstone cards with your first victory in Tavern Brawls. Hope you enjoy it. See you next week!

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One Response to Brawl of the week: The Grand Tournament Match

  1. Dobablo says:

    That secret could come from either Nexus-Champion Saraad or Spellslinger. I think that Medivh has both in his deck. Playing as Alleria one game the Spellslinger gave me a Totemic Might. It wasn’t completely since I managed to play it during a lock and load.

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