Card of the week: Youthful Brewmaster

If you have been following my Card of the week series, you should be well familiar with this card. It works with so many decks/cards. It’s both protection for certain cards, and tremendously useful for others.

Youthful Brewmaster

The Youthful Brewmaster.

The Youthful Brewmaster is a 3/2 common minion that places a friendly minion back in your hand. This is great, especially if you only have 1 copy of a certain minion or play a lot of minions with Battlecry.

The strategy: There are a few ways to go. Like I said, you can use this card to protect a certain minion or to use a card multiple times. One of the first cards I saw this used on was the Defender of Argus. A player through that card down than used the Brewmaster to take him back so he could use it again. I thought it was f-cking brilliant, and have been a fan ever since.

Cards that accent it: Any card with a Battlecry: As always, I will highlight a few:

  • Defender of Argus– It’s a great card by itself. Being able to use it twice is even better.
  • Ironbeak Owl– if you are going to play this card vs it’s more expensive counterpart, Spellbreaker. Might as well carry a Brewmaster to use it twice?
  • Big Game Hunter– I only have one of these, so to be able to pull it back and use it again is pretty nice.
  • Blood Knight– This minion destroys Divine Shield and uses it to increase it’s power. You can use it defensively to take away these bubbles. You can also use it to play this card again, if it gets silenced.
  • Earthen Ring Farseer– Heal yourself or a minion and pull it back to do it again. Also great with the Healbot and Darkscale Healer.
  • Imp Master– This card has a shelf-life as it destroys itself to produce imps. Pull it back once it gets down to 1/1 and have more imps.
  • Wolfrider– Considering this card has only 1 stamina, it’s likely to be dead on the next turn. Using a Brewmaster on a card with Charge is always nice. Even better with Leeroy Jenkins.
  • Kezan Mystic– Steal a secret and place it back into your deck with a Brewmaster. This will drive a mage/hunter/paladin nuts. Especially if they know it’s back in your deck.
  • Bomb Lobber– Cards like this that do damage upon being played can be pulled back to be used again. This would probably be situational, but why not get the most bang for your buck? Literally!
  • Loatheb– A powerful Battlecry becomes even more powerful.
  • Sunwalker– Especially if this minion is silenced or loses it’s Divine Shield. You can also use this on other Taunts that are close to being destroyed.

Bonus play: Works nicely in a deck where you have lots of Battlecry minions and/or minions with Divine Shield. Even nicer in a paladin deck where you are playing lots of minions with Divine Shield. Cards like Argent Protector or Guardian of Kings can be used multiple times. If you are building your deck around a particular card or mechanic and that minion may be silenced, you can bring it back with a Brewmaster and play it again.

How to acquire: The Youthful Brewmaster can be pulled from Original Hearthstone packs or crafted for 40 dusts.

So go now and have fun making a deck with the Youthful Brewmaster in mind. Frustrate and defeat your opponents! Hope you enjoyed. See you next week!


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