The Grand Tournament is alive and kicking!

The Grand Tournament went live today for Hearthstone meaning the servers were inundated with eager patrons wanting to purchase and/or open their packs. Even though I had the game loaded up, I had to back out and restart it to launch the expansion. Eventually I got back in and was able to hit up the shop.

132 new cards to wish for and/or craft. 2 new mechanics. A new game board. Much fun to be had by all!

Grand Tournament is live!

Ready or not, here it goes!

So, I finally got into the shop and started buying packs for gold, slowly. One at a time. Until I got to an “acceptable” number, which ended up being 17.

First pack. Un inspiring

First pack was a little uninspiring. No cards with the new mechanic!

First pack was a little uninspiring. Pun intended.

Varian Wrynn

My luck improved dramatically with my next pack as I received a Varian Wrynn warrior legendary card!

The next pack worked out a little better. It’s nice to get a legendary card out of the way when you are purchasing a large amount of packs. No one likes to get “shut out”. Plus, they are nice cards. Varian was one I was thinking about crafting if I came up empty.

Eadric the Pure

Eadric the Pure is no slouch.

My next pack had a nice surprise in it as well Eadric the Pure! Kind of a late-game equalizer. There are a few other cards I would have liked to have but he ain’t bad.

Dem new cards though

Dem new cards though.

Ended up buying 4 more packs to make it 21 packs total. 4 legendary cards, 1 golden rare, couple epics, lots of common cards. One of the legendaries was a double, which sucks.

2 True

2 True.

As you can see I have 2 Justicar Truehearts. 2 is usually better than one, unless we are talking about Hearthstone legendary cards. Seems like you should be able to get more than 400 dust from something that would cost 1600 to make.

Meet Varian Wrynn

Meet Varian Wrynn!

The highlight of the show is definitely Varian Wrynn. Stormwind’s King and most eligible bachelor. I will be making a warrior deck full of taunts and placing this card in there. So much fun to be had at the grandest of tournaments. Will you be joining us?

Feel free to tell me how you did on this glorious day of opening many packs of Hearthstone cards! Comment in the space down yonder. Good luck and godspeed!

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2 Responses to The Grand Tournament is alive and kicking!

  1. Dobablo says:

    Though not packing an inspire, King’s Elekk does use the other new mechanic (Jousting).
    Four good legendaries (although one dupe)is a good draw. From 21 packs I calculated that you should average 1.2 legendaries and 4.8 epics. On the other hand I drew only 8 epics and 2 legendarys (Goremok and Icehowl) from my 50 packs.

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