Brawl of the week: Encounter at the Crossroads

It’s back. In case you missed it when it debuted! It’s not one of my favorite Tavern Brawls. In fact, I think it’s one of the least played. There is no particular rhyme or reason to it. You pick a class and inherit a deck stacked mostly with high-cost cards and legendaries.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-26-15 12.22.09

If you don’t have a lot of cards and you want to check out the game, it’s good for that. Otherwise, you might be in for a little headache. I was really hoping this week’s brawl would have been one that let us use some of the new cards we just got. I will have to wait for another time. Hope you enjoy it more than I did. See you next week!

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3 Responses to Brawl of the week: Encounter at the Crossroads

  1. Particlebit says:

    Was sad to see this Brawl. Basically just had to use it for the free pack and to try and get some Shaman wins for a quest since my Shaman cards are real bad

    • oxxo910 says:

      It can be particularly horrible vs a random player. However, they are still fun vs friends. You can also earn the free pack playing friends, so there’s that.

  2. Dobablo says:

    It showcases some of the new cards, which I guess is good and it reminds me that I would be absolutely hopeless at playing an arena-built deck.

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